When 36 Families lost their homes in a building collapse, Israel365 was there to help
October 3, 2021

As the sun rose on Saturday, September 11, 2021, Liran Chohen was trying to leave for synagogue but couldn’t get his door to open. He tried everything, but the door wouldn’t budge. He called the Holon Fire Department, who responded by dispatching a team of firefighters to the scene. The firefighters checked the situation and broke down the Cohen family’s door. Upon entering the living room, they noticed a massive crack and immediately realized that the structure of the building was in dire condition.

Within minutes, 36 Israeli families were abruptly awoken to find they needed to urgently evacuate their homes. Hours later, their eight-story apartment building in Holon collapsed, leaving the collapse victims with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Thanks to our community and all the Christians who love Israel, we raised over $20,000 to help these newly homeless families. And within hours, Israel365’s team was onsite distributing food, clothing, toiletries, toys, and other necessities to all those in need. As one of the victims beautifully said: “You showed up out of nowhere, unexpected, in our hour of need. It was like a hug that we would like to return, if not in action then in words, to you and everyone who stands behind you.”


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