Uncovering what your Hebrew name reveals about you

Most people choose names for their children because they like how it sounds. However, parents and their children who they name

But there’s a good chance that your name came from the Bible. Furthermore, it says more about you than you might realize.

Although some names sound just like the original Hebrew name from the Bible, like Adam, who was the first man, and Daniel, the defiant prophet in Babylon.

Others aren’t so obvious, like the name Michelle which comes from Michal, one of King David’s queens. The name Josh is derived from Yehoshua, the Biblical spy who led the ancient Israelites into the Promised Land and eventually brought down the walls of Jericho. Abigail is the English version of Avigayil, another of King David’s wives.

Chances are that your name also comes from the Hebrew Bible. And one company in Israel has developed a formula to determine the Biblical roots of your English name.

But what’s in a (Hebrew) name?

Actually, a lot.

That’s because each name from the Bible has a spiritual power that can unlock valuable insight into one’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

According to legend, your Hebrew name is connected to the character in the Bible you’re named after in ways that you may not realize.

For example, David was a fearless warrior and poet. Sarah was bright and beautiful. Benjamin was both fierce and generous as it is written:

Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; In the morning, he consumes the foe, And in the evening, he divides the spoil.” (Genesis 49:27)

The Israel365 organization has recently launched an initiative that can research your name and reveal its Biblical meaning. The company provides its customers with their Hebrew name from the Bible and a certificate, either in an electronic or hard-copy format explaining the significance of the name and the unique characteristics associated with your name. On the certificate, a Bible passage connected to the name is inscribed and laid out in a beautiful template.

Your English name is printed on the top, followed by the newly discovered Hebrew name spelled in Hebrew and transliterated into English. This allows you to pronounce the name just as it sounds in its original Biblical Hebrew.

Below the names appears an explanation of the name and the passage in the Bible that it is connected to. In cases where the Biblical roots of the name are unknown, the Hebrew letters of your name are used to find a Hebrew name that closely resembles the original Biblical name. For example, Diana can be Dina, Jacob’s only daughter.

This incredible certificate is a popular gift among Bible scholars. It also makes an excellent present for newborn babies.

Now you, too, can decorate your home or office with your very own Hebrew name certificate. To get your Hebrew name certificate and unlock your Biblical essence.


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