When you plant a tree with Israel365

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, planting trees has been known as an eternal way to connect your soul and spirit to the Land of Israel. That’s why thousands of supporters of Israel have already chosen to plant a tree and put their roots in the Holy Land’s soil. 

What is so significant about planting trees in Israel?

Planting trees in Israel actually has many Biblical sources pointing to its significance and meaning. 

  • When you plant a tree in Israel, you are connecting yourself personally to the Land as it says “He is like a tree planted beside streams of water, which yields its fruit in season, whose foliage never fades, and whatever it produces thrives” (Psalms 1:3).
  • Every tree planted in Israel is another root firmly embedding the Jewish Nation in it’s ancestral homeland as it says “And I will plant them upon their soil, Nevermore to be uprooted From the soil I have given them —said Hashem your God” (Amos 9:15).
  • Planting trees in Israel is an opportunity to personally carry out Biblical Prophecy as it says “Again you shall plant vineyards on the hills of Shomron; Men shall plant and live to enjoy them” (Jeremiah 31:4).

Why Israel365?

Israel365 is a non-profit dedicated to connecting lovers of Israel to the Holy Land every day, 365 days a year. 

Our tree planting program offers three tracks to make it easy for you to participate. 

  1. You can dedicate a pair of trees in Israel by making a one time donation
  2. You can dedicate a pair of trees every month by making a recurring donation and really be a part of replanting the Land of Israel
  3. You can sponsor an Israeli community and beautify the entire town, giving you a meaningful connection to the city you sponsor.

Make Israel Blossom

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Thank You 

From Rabbi Tuly Weisz

This year, we launched a new campaign planting trees in honor of Israel’s 71st birthday.

We set out to plant trees in 71 communities across this Holy Land.

I can say with confidence, planting trees in Israel is Godly work.

I look forward to continuing this mission, visiting even more communities, planting trees, and beautifying God’s land.

Thank you for your commitment to joining Israel365 on this mission.

Planting trees in Israel is the perfect way for YOU to form an unbreakable bond to the land and the people of Israel.

With blessings,

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz

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