Celebrate the historic US – Israel Bond

Plant a Tree in Israel’s Newest City: Trump Heights!

What is Trump Heights?

Trump Heights is a village in Northern Israel, named after President Donald Trump in gratitude for his help in Israel.

Why Now?

President Trump recognized the Golan Heights as sovereign territory of the State of Israel. He also moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel eternal Capital.

How to Join?

To show your appreciation, join Israel365 is planting trees in Trump Heights.

Become a part of Israel’s history

“A year of vindication for God…And a year God will plant trees of victory”

(Isaiah 61-3:4)

NOW is the time to make a statement of support for US-Israel relationship

By planting trees in the Trump Heights located in the Golan Heights, you are part of prophecy and beautifying Israel!

$4,998 of $10,000 raised

We want to support you in supporting Israel.

Get a certificate recognizing your part in rebuilding Israel and a unique gift!

$4,998 of $10,000 raised

By planting trees, you can help us Make Trump Heights Great Again.