Care For Jewish Victims Of Terror

“May Your steadfast love comfort me in accordance with Your promise to Your servant.”
(Psalms 119:76)

Why Comfort Jewish Victims of Terror?

When terror strikes, Israel365 donors are there to comfort and care for Jewish terror victims.

Just As God Comforts His People, You Can Comfort His People

“Comfort, oh comfort My people, says your God” (Isaiah 10:4).

Help Fulfill God’s Biblical Promises of Comfort

“This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your promise has preserved me” (Psalms 119:50).

Form A Personal Relationship With The People of Israel

“Shout, O heavens, and rejoice, O earth! Break into shouting, O hills! For Hashem has comforted His people, And has taken back His afflicted ones in love” (Isaiah 49:13).

Bring Smiles to The Faces of Israelis Who Have Been TRAUMATIZED By Terror

Thank You 

From Rabbi Tuly Weisz

When Islamic terror strikes, Israel365 donors are always there to show comfort and support for Jewish victims of terror. Thanks to our generous and caring donors, we have helped rebuild homes, buy new clothing for families who have lost everything and do whatever else we can to assist those in need.

Thank you for assisting Jewish victims of terror in Israel and helping to alleviate their pain and suffering. 

With blessings,

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz

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