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Video: Rejoice in Jerusalem

This classic song, “Rejoice in Jerusalem,” with its fun beat and biblically-based lyrics, is sure to help anyone rejoice in Jerusalem! Sing along with Hebrew and English translation and transliteration.

Video: 70 Names for Jerusalem

According to Jewish tradition, there are 70 names to the holy city of Jerusalem. In this beautiful video you can discover some of the different names used throughout the Bible for Jerusalem.
Photo of Mount Hermon by Yehoshua Halevi. “In the extreme northeast [of Israel], Mount Hermon with its 2,814-meter peak is the country’s highest point. It served as the northern boundary of the Promised Land (Deut. 3:8) and is called in today’s Israel “the eyes of the nation.”  This is because its heights make it a strategic early warning system against always possible unpleasant surprises from the Jewish state’s northern neighbors.” Angelo Colorni’s “Israel for Beginners.”

Bringing in the Month of Tevet

The new month of Tevet might slip by unnoticed, falling as it does towards the end of the holiday of Hanukkah. It should not be forgotten, however. The month signifies the potential which is hidden in the winter. The name of the month, Tevet, comes…

Book Review: Catch the Jew

  Catch the Jew, written by Tuvia Tenenbom, can best be described as a non-fiction parody of Israel, its inhabitants and its visitors. This blunt, humorous, sarcastic, engaging book brings the reader to places few have gone before. Tenenbom is an Israeli-American who left his…