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The Israel Bible Product Bundle

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This bundle is perfect for anyone who loves the Bible and is looking for new, meaningful ways to enhance their Bible study. These four inspirational guides will not only inspire you, they will enable you to read meaningful verses from the Bible in the original ancient Hebrew!

These inspiration learning guides retail separately for $119.80. Yours now for just $99.00!

This bundle includes:

The Israel365 16-Month Calendar & Jewish Holiday Guide

The Israel Bible Hardcover Edition

The Israel365 Daily Inspirations Devotional

The “You Can Read Hebrew” Laminated Sheet

*Please note: Items in this bundle may be shipped separately. 

*Please note, because of Hebrew text, The Israel Bible is bound on the right.


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Israel365’s 16-Month Calendar & Jewish Holiday Guide will infuse your home with a dose of spirituality. Each page of the calendar includes a breathtaking full color image of the Land of Israel alongside an inspiring Bible verse and an uplifting Bible lesson.

The Israel Bible Hardcover Edition is the world’s first Bible to highlight the special relationship between the Land the People of Israel. Through traditional and contemporary Jewish sources, The Israel Bible seeks to present God’s eternal and unchanging love for Israel and His Chosen People.

The Israel Bible Daily Inspirations is a daily devotional designed to accompany you throughout the year and teach you about the Land and the People of Israel according to the Hebrew calendar.

The “You Can Read” Laminated Card will guide you through the Hebrew alphabet and teach you the basics of reading Hebrew. Learn how to pronounce key verses and proper nouns from the Bible in the original Hebrew!


  1. Rouhama Danto

    As a faithful reader of Israel365, I am very interested in the Bundle you offer. I live in Toronto , Canada and wonder if the price of $99.00 can be in Canadian
    Rabbi Tuly, you are doing a marvellous job.
    Keep it up !

  2. Antonio Bayast Tomas

    Shalom! I live in Domin I can Republic, how can l get the pack of the products that you are offering for US $99 dollars. Ithe is very important for me, tu have physically those products, not in digital form.
    Sincerely your,

    Antonio Bayast Tomas

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Antionio – please place an order online and pay with PayPal or credit card and the physical products will be shipped to you immediately.

    • RoyThenu

      I ordered the praise bundle in my chart, but automatically there are two Esther e-books on my order that I don’t order. And I cant remove it. What can I do

      • Mordecai Altose

        The ebooks are complimentary.

  3. Mags

    Is the Israel bible a Roman Catholic Bible.

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Mags – no it is a Hebrew Bible translated and transliterated in to English.

  4. David Joseph evans

    Does the Israel Bible include the NT or is it just the Tanach ?

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom – it is just the Tanach

  5. Lee Mee Li

    Is it is USD? Or In Shekel. If I am in Jerusalem can you pass to me immediately in the hotel? Any discount as you do not need to ship to me

    • Ayal Kellman

      All our prices are in USD.
      Unfortunately, we cannot pass it to you in Jerusalem.

    • Ampy G. Rivas

      February 24th, 2019
      How much will cost mailing the items included in the bundle package? If you mail it separate, you will charge extra for item true? Then it will be more costly for me.

      • Mordecai Altose

        The shipping total is the same regardless of whether products are shipped separately.

  6. Pauline

    Is the Israel Bible strictly Hebrew only or Hebrew and English?

    • Mordecai Altose

      THe Israel Bible is in Hebrew and English.

  7. Stuart Easton

    Shalom Ayal, I am from Australia, I am happy to find your website.. I am a student of the Bible and was trying to find out if the original text of the Bible still exists. Is the Israel Bible the same txt as the King James Bible, which is the most used Bible here in Australia?

  8. Rita Braxton

    Does the Israel Bible in this bundle show both the English and Hebrew text in each of the Chapters so we can view it in English and learn how to read it in Hebrew along with the laminated study guides to learn the Hebrew Language because that’s what I want! I Love the Jewish people and want to learn your language which is Hashem’s language. Also is this version edited by Rabbi Tuly Weis edited in the same meaning as the original Torah , Bible? ? Please explain because I want to learn it, like when I read the King James Original Version of the Old Testament that you’ll have in your Hebrew Bible? I Love My Heavenly Father Hashem and my Savior: Jesus Christ my Lord Who is Yeshua, Yeshiva in your Hebrew Language. Tadah! Shalom !

    • Mordecai Altose

      The Israel Bible is in both Hebrew and English.

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