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Hebrew Name Ring (Sterling Silver)

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If you would first like to discover your Hebrew name and its Biblical significance, purchase a Hebrew name certificate or plaque at this link.


Hebrew or English Name


Stay connected to your Biblical roots by wearing your Hebrew name proudly! The ring is made from real Sterling silver.

If you know your Hebrew name, type it in below and get your personalized ring.

Don’t know your Hebrew name? No problem! Many English names derive from Hebrew names in the Bible and the rest have etymological or spiritual cousins in Biblical sources. Just type in your English name below and we’ll find the Hebrew name in the Bible that’s most closely connected to yours.

If you want to know what your Hebrew name means and where it comes from, order our Hebrew Name Certificate and you’ll be able to tell all your friends about the meaning and Biblical significance of your unique ring!

In the Bible

He counts the number of stars and He gives them all their names.
--PSALMS (147:4)

This verse describes God's interest in every star by giving them names. By extension, God has great interest and involvement with each and every one of us, whom He also relates to, through our given name. According to Jewish tradition, one's name has a deep spiritual dimension, as the chosen name determines a person's character throughout life.



  1. Irene (verified owner)

    My husband and I love these rings and wear them everyday. Very true to the picture. Would buy them as gifts also. Great piece of jewelry.

    • Susie (verified owner)

      Love my ring. I leave it on all the time.

    • John & Dianne Engemann

      Our names are John & Dianne. What are our Hebrew names?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom, John’s Hebrew name is Yonatan (yo-na-tan) and Dianne’s Hebrew name is Deena (dee-nah).

    • Diana Collinson

      My name is Diana. What’s the meaning in Hebrew?

  2. Odette Ebel (verified owner)

    It is a gorgeous ring! I love it! Thank you. God bless.

  3. Walter Leder

    Shalom. My English name is Walter…what is my Hebrew name?
    Thank you

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      Shalom! Your Hebrew name is David! To find out the meaning behind this name, and its Biblical connection, please view our Hebrew Name Certificate program:

    • Katrina Phillips

      My name is Katrina. What is my Hebrew name?

    • Joseph

      My name is Joseph what is my name in Hebrew, Thank You

    • Debby Kemerbaş

      My name is Deborah. What is my hebrew name?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom Deborah, your name translates directly into the Hebrew Devorah-דבורה (dev-o-rah). Wear your Hebrew name proudly with our Hebrew Name Jewelry!

    • Patricia

      Shalom, my name is Patricia do I have a Hebrew name?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom Patricia, your Hebrew name is Sarah (שרה / Sa-RAH) after our Biblical matriarch. Wear your Hebrew name with pride with our Hebrew name jewelry!

    • Patricia

      Hello, what would be the Hebrew name for Jeannine?

    • Ovidiu Feceu

      My name is Ovidiu .What is my Hebrew name? Thank you

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom Ovidiu, your Hebrew name is David (da-veed). Have a blessed day!

  4. Diana Collinson (verified owner)

    I love this ring. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit. I ordered a 6, which is what I wear in other rings, but this is smaller. Maybe I didn’t understand the measuring description. Hopefully I can get it resized.

  5. rodney

    My name is rodney, Hebrew name?

  6. Ellen Bressel (verified owner)

    I bought it for my granddaughter after she saw the one I bought for her older sister. She loves it and I think it is a perfect gift.

    • Joan Marie Courneya

      My name is Joan-Marie. What is my Hebrew name?

  7. Marie Buckley

    My name is Marie Buckley what is my Hebrew name?

    • Mordecai Altose

      When you place the order, we will research your Hebrew name. Your Hebrew Name Certificate includes an explanation of your name.

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