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Mezuzah Scroll

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Our Mezuzah scrolls are made with the highest quality Kosher parchment from cattle skin.

The beautiful and clear handwriting is written by a certified scribe.

In the Bible

And thou shalt write them upon the door-posts of thy house, and upon thy gates.

We are commanded to hang a mezuzah on our doorposts as a constant reminder of God's presence (Deut. 6:4-9). A traditional Mezuzah has two components; the kosher parchment scroll (containing the Shema prayer) and a beautiful case. The mezuzah is the ancient Jewish symbol of Divine trust and protection which is fixed to every Jewish home.

The "Shema" (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), which is inscribed on the parchment, is perhaps the best-known Jewish prayer for it represents our proclamation of belief in one God.



  1. Layne (verified owner)

    Eager to receive this.
    How blessed my home will be!
    And to know a Scribe has taken part in this creation. Praise be to God. Amen

  2. Barbara (verified owner)

    The scroll is beautiful! As I cannot yet read Hebrew, it would have been nice to have the option of receiving a translation of the text. There is clearly more there than the Shema.

  3. Charla Johnson (verified owner)

    The mezuzahs are beautiful. We will be giving them to our children for Christmas. I know they will love getting them. They are all Christians.
    Thank you for checking on the scrolls. They arrived in plenty of time. We will be delivering them on Thanksgiving. So they won’t be late. The scrolls are beautiful also, and to know that they came from Israel maķes them a treasure.

  4. Al

    Lovely!! From Arizona, USA

  5. Brigitte

    Am I correct thinking that for a Mezuzah case of 12 cm height I best get the 8 cm or 10 cm Mezuzah scroll, or does even the 12cm scroll fit in?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Ariella Mendlowitz (verified owner)

      Shalom, for the 12cm Mezuzah case, a 8cm or 10cm scroll will both fit.

  6. Jim Craft

    What size scroll fit the “average” mezuzah?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz (verified owner)

      Shalom, every Mezuzah case is different, you will need to measure the case that you have to be sure to get a scroll with the best fit.

  7. Troy Heffernan


  8. Heather Robdrup (verified owner)

    This little scroll fit nicely into the wooden mezuzah. I’m grateful to the person who took the time to write the scroll. Love from a new Messianic in Alberta.

  9. Shira Levine

    The Scroll wrote on a kosher parchment and by a scribe makes it special and holy.

  10. Ron Decker

    I’ve had these hanging on my doorposts before… The Western Wall is a keepsake.♥️

    • Suzanne Dunklin

      I have one in my car but not to keep me safe, rather remind me that God is with me and that I should always remember that I am in his presence. This is helpful when I am cut off in traffic or such things, I simply look over to my mezuzah and smile, Shema Israel…

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