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Sterling Silver Personalized Hebrew Name Necklace

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You Pay: $59.00

If you would first like to discover your Hebrew name and its Biblical significance, purchase a Hebrew name certificate or plaque at this link.


Hebrew or English Name


Stay connected to your Biblical roots by wearing your Hebrew name proudly!

If you know your Hebrew name, type it in below and get your personalized necklace.

Don’t know your Hebrew name? No problem! Many English names derive from Hebrew names in the Bible, and the rest have etymological or spiritual cousins in Biblical sources. Just type in your English name below and we’ll find the Hebrew name in the Bible that’s most closely connected to yours.

If you want to know what your Hebrew name means and where it comes from, order our Hebrew Name Certificate and you’ll be able to tell all your friends about the meaning and Biblical significance of your unique necklace!

***Note: Only one name may be commissioned per necklace

Necklace thickness: 0.4mm

In the Bible

He counts the number of stars and He gives them all their names.
--PSALMS (147:4)

This verse describes God's interest in every star by giving them names. By extension, God has great interest and involvement with each and every one of us, whom He also relates to, through our given name. According to Jewish tradition, one's name has a deep spiritual dimension, as the chosen name determines a person's character throughout life.



  1. edzel saul cuyos

    i really want to have your beautiful necklace but im still hoping and praying that someday i can live in israel for me to buy your beautiful necklace. i am metapel from the philippines.

    • Jane Rumsfeld (Shani) (verified owner)

      I love everything you’re doing for Israel. I hope to come one day! I was adopted and only found out I am Jewish this year. I chose the Hebrew name Shani.

    • Roxanna

      I love this idea, will save for it. My name is Roxanna, which means, “Dawn of Day” in Gaelic. Can you tell me what my name is in Hebrew?

  2. Georgia

    I would love to have my name in Hebrew

    • stephanie wilson

      i think mine is the female version form of steven. what would stephanie be in hebrew?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom Stephanie, your Hebrew name is Atara (עטרה: ah-tah-RAH)

  3. Linda

    Is it possible to purchase a longer length chain, either 20″, 22″, or 24″?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom Linda, in the Silver and 18k gold-plated necklaces, we have also 50cm (approximately 19.7 inches) length chain.

  4. Wendy

    Shalom, shalom! My English name is Wendy. What would be my Hebrew name, it’s meaning and spelling?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom Wendy, your Hebrew name is Noa (no-AH), spelled נעה in Hebrew. Discover the meaning of your Hebrew name with our Hebrew name certificates!

    • Rosalind Brown

      Would my name have a Hebrew meaning?

  5. Kerry Mischka (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my necklace. I wear it with hubris!!! (Learned that term from my friend that is Jewish)…thank you so very much….Actually, I was so excited to see a stamp from Israel that I kept the packaging as well. One of my dreams is to go to visit Israel one day and get to walk through Jerusalem!!

    • LaWanda Gardner


  6. Michael McKirdy (verified owner)

    First of the two purchases the ‘Personalised Hebrew Name Necklace’ was a present to my wife which she has rarely taken off. She loves it and has treasured it from the day she got it.

  7. Ariel lmmanuel. Goldmann


  8. Rita Goulet

    What would Dana look like in Hebrew?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz


    • Joan

      What would JOAN look like in Hebrew?

      • Rabbi Tuly Weisz (verified owner)


  9. Sherry

    What would my name be in Hebrew? I have had the blessing of visiting Israel 3 years ago and love the people and the country. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit again.

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz (verified owner)


      We sell a few different Hebrew Name products. You can find them at the following link:

      Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.

      Thank you.

  10. Vera Riggs

    What would the name in Hebrew be for Vera? and
    What would Vera look like in Hebrew – so I can make my decision. Thanks

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz (verified owner)

      Shalom, We sell a few different Hebrew Name products. You can find them at the following link: A Hebrew name is provided with the item you purchase. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance. Thank you.

  11. Helen Cohenne

    What would the English name JILLIAN be in Hebrew please as I want to be able to give my sister her name in Hebrew as a gift when I go to NZ in November, thank you

    • Mazal

      Shalom Helen,

      After you have clicked on select options, you’ll have an option to select ‘Give me a Hebrew name based on this English name’ – under the drop-down options under ‘Please specify*’. Thank you!

  12. Mischelle

    What would the Hebrew name for zMischelle be?

    • Mazal

      Shalom Mischelle, you can find out your Hebrew Name by choosing the option: ‘Give me a Hebrew name based on this English name’under Please specify*.

  13. Antoinette Ohlenschläger

    What is my Hebrew name ?

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