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Sterling Silver “It is a Good Land” Necklace

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This one-of-a-king sterling silver pendant exhibits the Biblical phrase “It is an exceedingly good land” in reference to the Land of Israel described by Caleb and Joshua in the book of Numbers. The pendant also incorporates an image of a grain which represents the renewed growth in the Jewish Homeland.

Pendant Size: 2 x 3 cm
Materials: Sterling Silver

In the Bible

And they spoke unto all the congregation of B’nei Yisrael, saying: ‘The land, which we passed through to spy it out, is an exceeding good land.
--NUMBERS (14:7)

After the negative report of 10 of the 12 spies in the book of Numbers, Caleb responded by saying that if God desires that the Jews live in the Land of Israel, He will make sure that they will inherit it despite the deterrents. God desired to give the Land of Israel to the Jews then, and He desires for us to have it now. Proudly display your love for Israel by wearing this beautiful necklace which proclaims the exceedingly goodness of the Land.


  1. Ruth Laird

    How long is the chain?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom Ruth, the necklace chain measured 45cm / 18in.

  2. Cathy Quillen

    Will you offer some slightly longer chains? 18” is sometimes too short.

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      Hi, This is unfortunately the only length for this product at this time.

  3. Keren Wilson

    Beautiful and precious! I can’t wait to order it.

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