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Pomegranate of Abundance RingSaver Pendant

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The pomegranate is celebrated as a symbol of health, fertility abundance and life. It is an ancient fruit mentioned several times in the Bible. Even today, the sweet, red fruit grows in abundance on trees throughout Israel. It is used in cooking, as juice, or eaten raw, as well as in health products. Now you can wear the pomegranate close to your heart with this beautiful and practical pendant designed by Sarah Feld and created by artist Avichayil. It also features the original RingSaver ® feature, so you can place your ring on the pendant when not on your finger.

Silver 925 – 4.2 gr.

In the Bible

A land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig-trees and pomegranates; a land of olive-trees and honey.

The pomegranate has been a symbol since the times of the Bible, listed as one of the seven species. The vestments of the Kohain Gadol, or High Priest also had pomegranate shapes among its adornments. Now you can have this ancient and special fruit close to your heart.


  1. jane z mazzola (verified owner)

    This ring saver necklace is so lovely, delicate, & pure w/the teardrop pearl. I decided to make it a gift to 1 of our twin daughters because her twin sister had a lovely Star of David from my deceased mother, her grandmother. I wanted each to have a special piece of jewelry that is very symbolic of Israel. This “fit the bill” perfectly, & she was very pleased!

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