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Sterling Silver Ani L’Dodi Ring (I am my Beloved’s)

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This beautiful sterling silver ring is inscribed with a verse from Song of Songs. The verse written in Hebrew, “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li,” translates to ” I am to my Beloved and my Beloved is to me.” This unique ring is handcrafted in Israel.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

In the Bible

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that feedeth among the lilies.

The word "beloved" describes the strong bond between Hashem and his children. This ring engraved with its inspiring Biblical verse, reminds us of the unique relationship that each of us has with Hashem. This loving relationship described in Song os Songs is often paralleled to the relationship of a bride and a groom, a husband and wife. We should always strive to make sure that our love for God is as strong as our love for our spouses and families.



  1. Violette Berger

    Song of Songs 6:3 – Beloved song–beloved children

    • Diane Powell

      What a wonderful video! How very enjoyable to hear such a beautiful song sung by beautiful voices.

    • Joyce-Mary Fryer

      Beautifully sung by these young children. Much appreciated and “Congratulations ” to all.

    • Francois Aerts

      I enjoyed this song very much, but after downloading the Hebrew lyrics i noticed that the text of the following line was not sung correctly : (translated) : “Awaken, north wind, and COME, south wind. “, the choir really sang “Awaken, north wind, and AWAKEN, south wind. “. in transliteration they should have sung the following line : “Uri tzafon UVO’I teiman”. It’s only a minor mistake, that only people who know Hebrew notice. Nevertheless, it’s always better to reproduce the correct version of a song. You can always find good versions on the website “” . Next time better ! Shalom oeLeHitraot !

  2. Dale Varney


    • Judi Murphy

      May they each be blessed for blessing Israel by singing in the beautiful Hebre language

    • vera carey

      Beautifully sung well done

  3. Tina Partin

    Great song sung by these great kids, Tov M’ode (Very Good!)

    • Myriam

      Yofi! What a beautiful choir!

    • Jim Kirkwood

      Well done. Enjoyed the music from Milwaukee, my old home town (and Golda Meir’s).

    • Catherine Hayman


  4. Joyce-Mary Fryer

    The innocence of these young children is very touching and they have sung a beautiful Hebrew song to perfection. “Congratulations” and blessings on each one.

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