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Sterling Silver Star of David Heart Necklace

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This beautiful sterling silver Star of David necklace has been made with beautiful tight curves at its tips, with larger curved upper right and left points that bend to form a heart shape in its midst. The shape in modern times is the primary symbol representing the Jewish people. The 12 sides of the six-pointed star are said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel and has been displayed in Kabbalistic representations for centuries.

Dimensions: 2.5 cm by 3 cm- 42 cm or 45 cm chain.

In the Bible

And all this assembly will know that not through sword and spear does God grant salvation; for unto God is the battle, and He shall deliver you into our hands
--I SAMUEL 17:46-47

When King David went out to battle against the enemies of Israel, he did so with a heart set on winning the battle as an emissary of God. He prayed passionately and his heart was filled with an intense love for God, willing to do whatever was needed and whatever was right. Although the words “shield of David” also known as “star of David” are never mentioned in the bible directly, the words in this biblical quote give direct inference to God being the shield and protector of Israel. King David states that the battle that was being fought was not a battle won by swords and spears, but the battle itself was for God, and that He was the true strength and protection for Israel. It also says that this fact is the reason that the enemy would be delivered into their hands.


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