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Gold and Silver Lion of Judah Cufflinks

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These iconic cufflinks proudly feature the Biblical Lion of Judah. Finely crafted from gold and silver, these handsome cufflinks by Rafael Jewelers are as elegant and sophisticated as they are inspirational.

About the Artist
Rafael Jewelers is a 5th generation artisan jeweler, with quite an impressive family history. It is run by Rafael Saadia and his son Maor, from their Jerusalem studio. Rafael is a Jew of Yemenite descent. His ancestors were appointed to be the personal jewelers for Yemen’s royal family. Rafael uses the ancient art of filigree – patterned work of fine gold and silver wires formed into delicate designs, together with modern styles and designs.

Materials: Gold, Silver,
Pendant: 1.4 x1.4 cm

In the Bible

A lion cub is Judah..He crouched, lied down like a lion and like an awesome lion, who dares rouse him? The rod shall not depart from Judah
--GENESIS 49:9-10

Jacob blessed his son Judah that the Jewish kings of Israel would descend from his lineage. He also compared Judah to a crouching lion, ready to pounce on his enemies. The Lion, king of desert, the both regal and feral. Since then, the lion has become a synonymous symbol of the Jewish people and of Jerusalem. So much so, that when designing the logo for the city of Jerusalem, it proudly features the Lion of Judah.


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