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Pear Cut Eilat Stone Necklace

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This beautiful pear-shaped necklace is made from sterling silver and an Eilat stone mined in the southern Israeli city of Eilat. Eilat stones are a beautiful green-blue color which is the result of a combination of malachite, azurite and turquoise. The Eilat Stone is the National Stone of Israel and is also known as ‘The King Solomon Stone.’

About the Artist
Rafael Jewelers is a 5th generation artisan jeweler with quite an impressive family history. It is run by Rafael Saadia and his son Maor, from their Jerusalem studio. Rafael is a Jew of Yemenite descent. His ancestors were appointed to be the personal jewelers for Yemen’s royal family. Rafael uses the ancient art of filigree – patterned work of fine gold and silver wires formed into delicate designs, together with modern styles and designs.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Eilat Stones
Dimension: 1.3 x 2.3 cm

In the Bible

And King Solomon made a navy of ships in Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea
--I KINGS 9:26

After King David conquered the city of Eilat, known as Eloth in the Bible, his son King Solomon turned it into an industrial city by digging mines and building a port. It's in these mines that the King Solomon stone, also known as the Eilat Stone, was discovered. Get your beautiful Eilat Stone jewelry now!



  1. Jody Milby

    The Eilat Stone is one of the rarest stones to exist upon the Earth. Found only in King Soloman’s mines and turned into gems by Israel’s master Jewelers, it is indeed a treasure. To own one of these cherished pieces of jewelry is indeed an honor.

  2. D.Havener

    I have purchased one of the necklaces made from Eilat Stone. It is absolutely beautiful !! Amazing work !!!

  3. Margaret Fellmann (verified owner)

    I purchased it for its Biblical significance but it is a very attractive pendant and I wear it frequently.

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