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Red Tree of Life Bracelet

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The Red Bracelet is made from 100% wool strings normally used to tie Tzitzit, the fringes on a four cornered undergarment. Dyed with natural madder root, which gives an earthy to blood red color. The madder root has been a well known dye plant since ancient times as well as being known for medicinal properties. Remains of 3000 year old textiles dyed with madder have been found in Timna.

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Each bracelet is hand-dyed according to the traditional recipe and process of indigo dyeing, a dye made from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria . The wool threads are then tied according to the original Tzitzit with five double knots and a total of 39 coils. These 39 coils have the same numerical value as “Hashem Echad” — G‑d is One.
This unique bracelet is finished with high quality silver colored clasps and a Tree of Life charm, and has a short chain to have a bit of flexibility in length.
Because natural dyes are being used for this bracelet, colors may very slightly from your screen.
A little bit about the artist;
Suzanne Dekel is a natural dye artist specializing in historical dyes prepared from barks, roots and leaves. Her art combines leaf prints for Israel nature  and natural dyes with Judaic elements. 

In the Bible

And I clothed you with embroidered garments ... and I girded you with fine linen, and I covered you with silk.
--EZEKIEL (16:10)


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