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Jerusalem Nano Bible Lapel Pin

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These limited edition lapel pins were originally designed for an exclusive Knesset event, where leading members of Israel’s parliament gathered at Jerusalem’s new Waldorf Astoria Hotel to honor major international figures who have stood in support of the Jewish state.

The entire Old Testament, printed in its tinniest written form, is available to have on your lapel or cufflink.

You can carry the Bible with you wherever you go!

In the Bible

You shall therefore impress these words of mine on your heart and on your soul.

This verse is traditionally understood to refer to the Jewish practice of laying tefillin (phylacteries), small boxes containing Hebrew texts which Jewish men wrap around their foreheads and arms with leather straps while reciting the morning prayers. However, the meaning is so much deeper than just the literal interpretation. God commands us to constantly keep His words with us and cherish His laws not just physically with rituals and practice, but spiritually, with an endless emotional devotion to Him. Keep the sacred words of God close to you wherever you go with the incredible Nano Bible.



  1. p. crockett

    many act as if God has given up on israel. well if he has we gentiles have no hope. gentiles are grafted into the olive tree if they believe in israel’s God


      I am forever in love with God’s Chosen People The Isla elites. I shall always bless this nation of God in order to eat the fragments from their dining tables.

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