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Jerusalem Nano Bible Classic Star of David Necklace

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In the incredible Nano Bible, the spirit and technology of Israel have come together to produce the world’s smallest bible, printed onto a single 5mm x 5mm surface and set into a beautiful silver Star of David so that you can take the Bible and the spirit of Israel with you wherever you go.

The Nano Bible contains all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible, set into an organic, highly-polished sterling silver Star of David pendant.

In the Bible

You shall therefore impress these words of mine on your heart and on your soul.

This verse is traditionally understood to refer to the Jewish practice of laying tefillin (phylacteries), small boxes containing Hebrew texts which Jewish men wrap around their foreheads and arms with leather straps while reciting the morning prayers. However, the meaning is so much deeper than just the literal interpretation. God commands us to constantly keep His words with us and cherish His laws not just physically with rituals and practice, but spiritually, with an endless emotional devotion to Him. Keep the sacred words of God close to you wherever you go with the incredible Nano Bible.



  1. Ronald Pompetti (verified owner)

    I love my Jerusalem Nano Bible Classic Star of David necklace. It is a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry combined with incredible nano technology. I realized that the purchase of this awesome combination was the perfect way for me to express my love for Israel and to show her people my support. Perhaps I should point out that I am not Jewish nor am I an Israeli. I am a Christian from Canada. And as a Christian, I have always felt a deep affinity for Israel and the Jewish people. After all, they are God’s chosen people. And any friend of God is a friend of mine. Shalom and God bless.

  2. judith

    how can I see a picture of the necklace?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom Judith, the photo is at the top of the page above the product description.

  3. Faith Cook (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my my Nanos Bible necklace!
    Not only is it a blessing to have G-d’s Word close to me, His Word is powerful. It’s also a beautiful style.
    I love that the nano- Bible is centered on the Stars of David….a great reminder of G-d’s love for Israel.

  4. Rochelle M (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this necklace. It’s elegant, but not ostentatious. And the chain that the pendant is on does not snag my hair!!! Every other chain has caught and pinched my hair, but not this one. I would highly recommend purchasing this wonderful piece of jewelry either for yourself or a friend. While I’m not Jewish by ancestry, I am Jewish in spirit and this necklace lets me express that sentiment very nicely. Thank you.

  5. Kathy Berry

    This is incredible!

    • Jane McWhirter

      what is the size of the pendant and the length of the chain please?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom, the pendant measures 2cm x 2cm and the chain is 57cm in length.

  6. Robin

    I am blessed looking at the intricate beauty of the jewelry…I pray for the finances to purchase for myself and give as gifts to others.

    • David

      Is it likely that one day it may be printed in English ?

      • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

        The Israel Bible contains English translation and even transliteration on some verses.

    • Sennen Antonio Dourado

      Awesome tech by God’s chosen people!

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