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“Fear Not” Necklace

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The eternal words “fear not” (in Hebrew, “al tirah”) appear on this beautiful pendant. The words, shaped from sterling silver, hang in front of an agate stone. The pendant is also available on its own, without the stone backing.

*Note: Due to the stone’s natural source, actual colors, hues and shapes of stones may vary.

Approximate size of Pendant: 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Materials: Sterling Silver, Gemstone

In the Bible

And Hashem appeared unto him the same night, and said: ‘I am the God of Abraham thy father. Fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for My servant Abraham’s sake.
--GENESIS (26:24)

Throughout the Bible, God uses the words Al Tirah ('fear not') to comfort the patriarchs and others and to remind them that He is constantly watching over them. The expression "fear not" also appears time after time in Jewish prayers. Wearing this beautiful pendant will serve as a reminder that God is always watching over each and every one of us and we truly have no reason to be afraid.



  1. Myriam Willcocks

    I love this song. It’s on a set of 5 CDs entitled “Songs Inspired by the Tanakh” I bought at Ben Gurion Airport before returning to the UK

    • Hector Zuniga

      One of the most beautiful song to fortified and remember Ysrael, You are The Judah Lion, never to forget, Hashem Bless and Protect You of all Your enemies, Blessed Be Ysrael for ever.

  2. George Simpson

    Hi, do you have for sale the CD “Songs inspired by the Tanakh” Thanks

  3. Carol Brooner

    Beautiful <3

    • Ann Elizabeth (verified owner)

      “Fear Not” w/o stone…very beautiful! Came gift wrapped with wonderful handwritten note from Sarah. Will treasure them both.

    • LEO BYRD

      I want the stone in the necklace or what’s the point I can’t salute Israel without the Stone Shalom

  4. Dr. Frank L Rice

    I love the scriptural Words of the Song.

  5. Roy Sabillon

    Great song, we need more for the times such as these.

  6. Neville Els


  7. Christine Clark (verified owner)

    This beautiful necklace has given me strength and inspiration .

    • Kimberly Cole (verified owner)

      Thank You!!! The Fear Not Necklace arrived quite quickly the blue stone if simply beautiful love it A Great reminder from Israel Fear Not. Kimberly C.

    • barbara fletcher

      would rather have God’s name in Hebrew

  8. Jacqueline Balodis

    This is an elegant and beautiful necklace either with the stone or without one. Am going to buy one after I decide if I want it with a stone or without. My great granddaughter would love this one

  9. Raymond Lynch

    What is the size of the chain

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom, the chain measures 18in/45cm

  10. Eva

    Does this come with a chain? And if so – how long is the chain?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom, the chain for the Fear Not necklace runs at 55cm, approximately 21.5 inches.

    • Martin van Dalen

      What is the price without the stone (text only)?

  11. Lorraine Bacon

    The best. Inspirational…G_d of Israel bless Israel forever!

  12. LEO BYRD

    How long is the Fear Not chain in inches and how will I be it will be shipped to the address I want and not the billing address I’ve tried to make a purchase and you asked for the billing address and C/C information before getting the shipping information

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom, the chain for the Fear Not necklace runs at approximately 21.5 inches (55cm).
      To enter your shipping address, simply click the box next to “Ship to a different address?” and a form will appear to fill out the shipping address.

  13. Peggy Wilmeth Carr

    This is another beautiful specimen of Jewish talent. I loved the paired video, and translated texts!

  14. Mary Jane Jenkins

    The necklace without a stone appears to be gold colored in the picture. Is it sterling silver with a gold overlay?

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      You are correct. The picture of the pendant is not very clear. The pendant is in fact sterling silver as indicated and appears silver in real life. The picture is somewhat misleading and we must upload a new one.
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    • Tanya

      Can you get a shorter child chain

  15. Jerry Albers (verified owner)

    very beautiful the color blue

    • Johanna (verified owner)

      My stone was a handsome brown with a natural green stripe in it. It’s really nice. Each stone is going to be different.

  16. Judy Mastaglio

    What if the chain brakes off of the stone? Is it the chain thick enough to hold all the movement a necklace will encounter? Also do you make Fear Not in a bracelet?

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      Shalom Judy!
      We have had no complaints of the chain of this necklace braking or being faulty in any way. I am confident that it is a very sturdy and durable chain. Israel365 will take responsibility for any malfunction in jewelry ordered from our site.
      At this time, we only sell “Fear Not” necklaces. Adding bracelets to our collection is a wonderful idea!

  17. Angela Lim (verified owner)

    I like and love this pendant very much..😉 Will wear and treasure it always as I am constantly reminded of our Almighty God’s love, care and protection. Thank you Israel 365 and Sarah Feld for the lovely, Fear Not pendant.. 👍😄
    With Love from Angela Lim

    • Diane Thompson PhD

      In the US : month of Nov.: I will stock up !! I am a female Jew!! And proud: to be!!!!

  18. Anne-Marie Dheere

    Awesome and uplifting as are the very words of the song giving strength and courage to our amazing #IDF.

  19. Jack Rahill (verified owner)

    This necklace was a gift for my fiancé and she absolutely loves to wear it. The necklace has special meaning for us; its meaning, the reference to the Bible, and that itches from Israel. Shalom…

    • Glenda Garrison (verified owner)

      Love it! Gave it as a gift and it was received very well! Thank you so much!

  20. Karen

    I would love to purchase this necklace but only if I can get it in the lighter blue it would make my granddaughters eyes shine brighter. Would that be possible?

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      Shalom Karen, There is only one shade of blue that this is available in.

    • Peggy

      When will the blue and purple stones be available again?

      • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

        We do not have a date yet for when these will be back in stock. We hope quite soon!

  21. Cheryl-Beth Proper

    I see that the blue stone is out of stock. When will you be getting more in?

    • Rabbi Tuly Weisz

      Hi, As of now we do not have an ETA.

  22. Johanna (verified owner)

    The stone is pretty, but the clasp on the chain broke after only two wearings. The necklace is very heavy; maybe that’s why.

  23. Marg Angel (verified owner)

    Beautiful necklace! I bought it for my daughter from Israel 365 and she loves it. During my visit to Israel I bought other jewelry also. All these are good quality lasting pieces. I will pass them on to my children and grandchildren. Thank you so much and many blessings to you. I will always support Israel!

  24. Marcia (verified owner)

    The necklace is lovely and inspiring. I chose the one without the stone, as I prefer silver pendants. I bought one for each of my daughters and one for myself. The also loved the necklace. It’s the perfect reminder in this crazy and terrifying world, and reminds us all that we’re not alone.

  25. Dorothy Knight

    Awesome would like a. CD love the music
    Will be ordering products

  26. Jacob pearson (verified owner)

    It has a good meaning behind it. And it gives you more hope when you wear it. Is reminds you to always have Faith. Not in the necklace but in God

  27. Dave K.

    If this dose not move your heart you are a stone.

    • Levana Kriger

      WI love the song very much

  28. Virginia FARRA

    Love it

    • Glenada Boone

      I Love the song and the beat of the music

  29. carole olson

    I enjoyed these boys immensely and the musicians were superb…..

  30. Ron Decker

    The design is gorgeous…♥️

    • Manette

      Love the song

  31. Nidia E. Rodriguez

    Encourage the spirit with love for Abbas faithfulness.

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