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Sterling Silver “Hey” Necklace and Earrings Set

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Carry the name of God close to you with this beautiful Jewelry set. This necklace is comprised of a sterling silver pendant with a cutout of the Hebrew letter ‘ה ‘ (Hey) hanging in front of a moonstone. ‘ה’ is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and represents God’s name. By wearing the ‘ה’ we recall His constant Presence in our lives. The moonstone in the background represents the Light that originates from God. Also included in this unique set are Sarah Feld’s sterling silver earrings which prominently display cutouts of the Hebrew letter ‘ה ‘ (Hey) .

Earrings Size: 2cm diameter
Pendant Size: 2 cm Diameter
Materials: Sterling Silver, Gemstone

*Note: Due to the stone’s natural source, actual colors, hues and shapes of stones may vary

In the Bible

Between Beit–El and Ai; unto the place of the altar, which he had made there at the first; and Avram called there on the name of Hashem.
--GENESIS (13:3-4)

The Torah describes Abraham and many other individuals calling out to the name of God in prayer. To this day, Jews around the world use the same wording in their prayers as did their forefathers. In daily life, God is referred to by the name "Hashem" which literally means 'the name'. For short, the letter 'ה' is used to write "Hashem". Keep Hashem close to your heart and soul with this beautiful pendant.


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    Is a necklace included with the pendant?

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