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The Israel Bible / Calendar Bundle

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For those seeking an infusion of spirituality, this bundle includes both the Israel Bible and Israel365’s 16-month Hebrew calendar and Jewish holiday guide.

These two products retail separately for $78.95. Now, available as a bundle for just  $70.00!

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*Please note, because of Hebrew text, The Israel Bible is bound on the right.

2021 Israel365 Jewish Calendar & Holiday Guide

Israel365's brand new 16-month calendar and Jewish Holiday guide is sure to infuse your home with spirituality.

Each page of the calendar includes a breathtaking full-color image of the Land of Israel alongside an inspiring Bible verse and an uplifting Bible lesson.

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The Israel Bible is the world’s first Tanakh, Hebrew Bible, to highlight the special relationship between the Land and the People of Israel. Through traditional and contemporary Jewish sources, The Israel Bible seeks to present God’s eternal and unchanging love for the Promised Land and His Chosen People from Biblical times until today.

The Spiritual Infusion Bundle pairs The Israel Bible with Israel365’s newly released 16-month calendar. These two products go hand in hand and will strengthen your love and appreciation for the God, the Land and the People of Israel.

Israel365’s brand new 16-month calendar and Jewish Holiday guide is sure to infuse your home with a dose of spirituality.

Each page of the calendar includes a breathtaking full color image of the Land of Israel along side an inspiring Bible verse and an uplifting and thought provoking Bible lesson. 



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