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Cyrus Trump Temple Coin- Limited Edition!

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You Pay: $69.95

Limited Edition Temple Coin

~Save 15% when you purchase BOTH the gold and silver-plated coins~

This special coin was produced to praise the Jerusalem Declaration of President Donald Trump as a continuation of King Cyrus’s Declaration. This historic deceleration is  part of the divine process towards the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. 



With the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel and Donald Trump’s historic Jerusalem Declaration, this specially minted coin serves to commemorate and thank God for the beneficence which He has bestowed upon His children, the Jewish people, and indeed, upon all of humanity. This unique coin which is finding its way into homes and institutions across the world, is a symbol of the divine process of mankind’s recognition of the historical role of Jerusalem.

Text on coin: Cyrus- Balfour- Trump Declaration 1917-2017 Temple Coin

Income from the sale of this coin will be used for 3 major purposes:

  • Building the Third Temple
  • Practicing procedures for Temple worship
  • Preparing spiritually, ritually, and educationally for Temple service

Made in Israel

Diameter of coin: 40 mm

Silver or Gold Plated


  1. Sennen Antonio Dourado

    There is no mention of the metallic content or alloy of the coin, is it available in pure silver, gold or quarternery alloy, weight? Or is a proof version available?

  2. Sennen Antonio Dourado

    Issuance of a temple coin is a great idea though the issue must contain a certain amount of precious metals at least 50% + of precious gold or silver

    • Helen M Depew

      I think the coin is going to be beautiful,and so helpful to Israel!!

  3. Minnie Townsend (verified owner)

    Loved the coin. Thank you so much for these Presidential coins of our precious President Donald Trump. He is the BEST PRESIDENT America has ever been privileged to have. Thanks again

  4. Terry Bandaruk

    Which Cyrus-trump coin has the most gold content, and where can I buy it?

  5. kathy allenbrand

    I love it, we love Israel and your President & our President.

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