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Biblical Israel 3D Map

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With this unique map, you can actually FEEL the physical contours of Israel’s lakes, mountains and deserts as in Biblical times! Touch Biblical Israel with this scaled, topographically contoured map of Israel as it was in days of old. It is labelled with all of the towns, cities, regions, rivers and lakes mentioned in the Bible. See exactly where each tribe settled in the Land, the locations of the surrounding nations and the roads that the patriarchs walked. Any place with special Biblical status, such as Cities of Refuge, is marked on the map. Feel the valleys and mountains of Israel under your fingers and understand the Bible in a totally new way!

39.5 cm high x 23 cm wide


In the Bible

And I will set your border from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the Euphrates, for I will give the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you.
--EXODUS (23:31)

The geography of the Land of Israel is incredibly important to the understanding of the Bible. A majority of the most significant Biblical events take place within Israel's borders. The paths of the Patriarchs and other Biblical figures are precisely described, as are their dwelling-places and the locations of their births, deaths, revelations, prophecies and wars. In order to truly know the Bible, one must know the Land of Israel and understand what God meant when he described the borders and limits of the land to Moses and the Israelites. With the Biblical map of Israel, you will be able to access a deeper knowledge of the events and people of the Bible than you could ever imagine.



  1. peace maker

    I like the video a lot.
    its a vital remark to take into consideration

    • Jan Wade

      Excellent. I will show this to the group who meet at my home.

    • willowa

      Very clear information and logic. Anyone who thinks Israel can (or should) withdraw to previous borders, is either delusional or anti-Israel!

    • Manuel A. Diaz

      Israel must control it borders very carefully, because all around are enemies but GOD will not permit anybody hurt his people. We the Christians love Israel.

  2. Irmtraut Janzen

    Important for us, to pray for Israel and Jerusalem in this bad times.

  3. H

    Video was very informative

  4. Alex Stephens

    Excellent!!! Only change would be to make a bit longer to include some history of Israel’s wars reinforcing their need to control the Golan & West Bank.

  5. Joan Jurancich

    This video clearly explains WHY it is so important to control the Jordan Valley, and especially all the high points on the western side.

    • Yvonne Valli

      Visuals definitely reinforce the logic. Great video.

  6. Denise Bremridge

    A great visual account of the settlement by the 12 Tribes of Israel in the ‘Promised Land’

  7. Layne Sutton

    No wonder that Israel must protect Herself!
    Just so ya know, my family signed declarations of support. Asking our politicians to stand with Isreal and give the best that America can.
    Very proud to hear of the bill we recently gave for Israel’s protection.

    • Reverend Mark A Lester Hebrew roots ministry Soldiers of Light Christian Assemblies.

      I stand with Adonai’s chosen there is more land God gave you even in Saudi Arabia. We love Israel.

  8. Karen

    This video and commentary are clear, concise and valuable for understanding the defensible borders of Israel.

    • B.Hitchon

      Excellent report. Would like a copy to share.

  9. Inés Colom Ragland (verified owner)

    Concise and informative. Lays out the issue perfectlty.

  10. AlexV

    This is very informative presentation of why Israel need to maintain her current borders. all nations should be able to defend itself. Your natural protections are perfectly planned by the One that made Israel as the “apple of His eyes”. More importantly, “He who never slumber nor sleep” is watching Israel all the time. ” If G_D is for us, who can be against us?”.

    • Mirna Lavezzoli

      Israel must stay strong in order to survive.

  11. Robin Rosenblatt

    Help Strengthening Israel with the Israel Longhorn Project. Donate (at) $50,000 or$100,000 donation

  12. Leah Dube Mthembu

    100% truth about Israel

  13. Hunter Sturgis

    Scary but realistic.

  14. Loloy Mercado

    Very interesting facts and figures based on Biblical Truths.
    Our prayers for Israel and to all its people worldwide
    I am from the Philippines!

  15. Rhonda Boldt

    Wonderfully made. Easy to understand!

  16. Lynette Ladd

    Everyone needs to understand this

  17. Joy Butcher

    Startling in accuracy And expediency for defence of her borders.Have e-mailed it to other interrested friends

  18. John and Ella Maea

    The world see Israel as small and vulnerable But the Spirit knows Israel is blessed and blessed by God can’t be reversed for God is True

  19. Theresa Leake

    This is a wonderful visual especially for those who have never visited Israel. I believe that when understanding aligns with God’s intentiality, people can make an informed choice to stand with Israel. Blessings and the Favor of the Father continue to surround you.

    • Allen

      God is with you Israel. So are we in the United States who stand with you.

    • Ella Mae Beck

      God has always protected the apple of His eye and will continue to do so.

  20. Linda Woolard

    Excellent logic for borders. If the Arab countries had won the 1967 War, they definitely would not give back any borders and definitely would not reestablish Israel as they are asking Israel to give back West Bank and Samaria and reestablish the pre-1967 borders. Israel needs to trust that HaShem gave them the lands conquered in 1967 and not bulge! They even need to take back Gaza and Sinai as those treaties have been broken. Blessings!

    • Douglas Hilton

      Amen. I’m a christian from Tennessee USA. I pray for Israel and think they should take back all land that God gave them.

  21. Grazyna M

    Truly outstanding arguments, well presented. All fair journalists and politicians need to see a presentation of the facts in this clear 3-D way so they can present a truer picture to the world, and also to see how important Israel’s position is for their own safety against radical militant terrorist forces encroaching on all borders. It is so clear, in any case, what a miracle Israel is. This video shows clearly that only a nation covered by the hand of the Lord can have arisen (its people literally) from the ashes and emerged into the land that it is. “The Lord has sworn by His right hand and by His mighty arm: “I will not again give your grain to be food for your enemies, and foreigners will not drink your wine for which you have laboured.” (Is 62 :8) The nations will see there is a G-d in Israel.

  22. Steve pugh (verified owner)

    It gives a new perspective of this beautiful country so that I can understand the bible better

    • Boureima

      God bless and keep the IDF, in Jesus’ name. Amen!


      The Bible is the Word of God,Israel is a Nation, and must exist occupying All its Land to the borders as contain in the Bible,God’s Word, eg GENESIS 15:18, EXODUS 23:31, JOSHUA 21:23

    • Shiloh

      He knows what to do peace with everything one may aur God bless our enemy Exodu14:

    • Gail Spector

      Does this come with a frame? If not I will get a frame made.

      • Rabbi Tuly Weisz (verified owner)

        It does not come with a frame

  23. Jana

    The 3-D map makes it very clear why Israel can’t go back to pre-1967 borders. The country is indefensible if they have to revert to pre-1967 borders. The 3-D map makes it a no-brainer!

  24. Michael Ray

    Israel is The Land of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob , and HE has promised it as their Inheritance to them and their descendants forever , The Whole Land . And GOD promises to destroy anyone who seeks to divide HIS Inheritance .

  25. Joe Daley (verified owner)

    Is this a map of old Israel or a map of today?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom Joe, this is the “Biblical Israel” map, i.e. it is from ancient Israel as described in the Bible. We do sell the modern state of Israel map which you can purchase by clicking here:

  26. Kimberly Cole (verified owner)

    Thank You!!!The Biblical 3D map is really unique beautiful colorful have it hanging in my bedroom makes a Great Gift.


    Yeah,I am fully convinced that Israel under no circumstances
    should vacate the borders of pre-1967 .

  28. arthur wyckoff

    Yom Kippur Miracle 2010

  29. doranu77 (verified owner)

    Now I can see the land from the stories of the Bible, very interesting and educational. I love it

  30. Scott A. Ryan (verified owner)

    It is everything that the offer said it would be and so much more.

  31. Lillian

    The video was very good. People need to see the issues involved in why Israel is so adamant about keeping their land although there should not be an issue since they won this land fair and square in a battle in which they were attacked.

  32. Linda Davis

    I really liked the video. I didn’t know how the land was situated. I would like to see more, especially land history so I can understand the bible more.

    • smkaitz

      Good video – I look forward to getting the 3D map.

  33. Steve

    I agree totally.

  34. Anne-Marie Dheere

    Israel’s only defense is to defend itself and all of its rightful borders. A duty and an obligation. #AMISRAELCHAI

  35. Dale Whitmore

    Very nice 3D video with facts concept is appealing. Other videos are interesting in nature also, with excellent up close photography for those of us that cannot get there.

  36. Andrew

    This product explains the truth about the situation in the middle east, and the necessity of keeping the border along the Jordan valley.

  37. Layne Sutton

    Great gift for teaching and showing students why a 2 state area is NOT reasonable

  38. Scott (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I’m well pleased with it and use it quite often. It puts into perspective the typography of the Holy Land. I used it in a Bible Study and it was well received.
    Thank you very much for this product.
    Pastor Scott

  39. Roy Foster

    Enjoyed knowing more fully what this video shows. Thanks. Psalms 75:1. I am a Christian rooted enernally in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…I love the God of Israel.

  40. Cherie Shuvee

    I am totally impressed! This video explains in concrete, easily understood strategic terms why the borders of ISRAEL MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS….AND SHALL BE BY HA SHEM.THESE MAPS AND VIDEO ARE JUST WHAT I HAVE DESIRED TO SUPPLEMENT MY PROPHETIC ARTWORK OF PSALM 121:4

  41. Carolyn S Stone (verified owner)

    I bought a modern Israel map in relief when I was there and love being able to compare the two. It is very helpful when teaching Sunday School in helping students “see” the land we study. I highly recommend it.

  42. Graeme Moore (verified owner)

    Brilliant – just what I wanted.

  43. Kelly Green

    It is so wonderful to close my eyes and feel the hills, valleys, mountains and land as though I was actually standing in our Holy Homeland of Israel.

    The intricacy and detail of the Israel Map Magnet is incredible. I feel blessed to gaze at it throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. The map can also serve as a wonderful educational tool.

    Am Israel Chai Eternally

  44. Bruce Duthler

    Why are the dimensions in metric? We haven’t changed to the metric system at last count…

  45. Larry Graber (verified owner)

    Almost like being there – NOT – however it is a very helpful visual tool in gaining an appreciation for The Land and Biblical locations.

  46. Diana

    An eye opener and truth about Israel. How can politicians want to take more land away from G-d’s chosen people.

  47. Gino Cunningham

    Excellent description of old Israel

  48. Betty Acosta

    If you are talking about the map I love it and I am going to order one as soon as they are in I pray for Israel. And I pray for the people who are constantly against them and I pray for the UN and the UE you and whoever else keeps blaming Israel for the wars and the unrest. Israel has always tried to make peace they have given up land repeatedly and still does no good they don’t care about the land they just want to get rid of all the Jewish people that’s the only thing they care about and I pray for the Jewish people and I can’t understand how anyone could live under those conditions of consonant being threatened. I’m so glad we have a father who watches over Israel and its people praise God. I pray for their safety and I pray for their peace. And I pray that America will always always support Israel and help protect Israel. I think we all know in America that the only reason we have not been judged is because of our protection we give to Israel. I think otherwise God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for not judging us. I think my Father in heaven that he loves his people and that he will always look over them and protect them . Praise God and God bless Israel

  49. Donna Matts

    Israels situation is clearly presented in an interesting manner.

    • Robert and Mary Ellen

      Excellent video – to be shared with our friends and relatives. We love you, Israel!

  50. Oliver S. Ramball

    I have not ordered the product but the video though old is very good for those who know nothing about Israel.

  51. Anthony Kiarie Njuguna

    Educative and informative
    It brings spiritual understanding into reality

  52. Erin Eldridge

    Everybody should see this video to understand Israel’s unique security needs.

  53. Lane Garrett

    Very useful. Almost as good as a one month tour of Israel.

  54. Gary Nantais

    Very informative video. Understand why it is so important for Israel to maintain its current borders between themselves and hostile Arab countries in the region

  55. Dale T Honhart

    Concise, yet indepth analysis of current political climate in the region. Perfect conclusions.

  56. Jeannie Boon

    Easy to understand and to share with others.

  57. Yael

    Is so beautiful & Israel comes to life in my living room.

  58. Ian Garratt

    Can I purchase an Israel 3D map from New Zealand?

    • Mordecai Altose

      Yes. When placing your order, select the country where you would like it delivered.

  59. Stephan G. Pariscoff Sr.

    I believe that Israel should have all of the land promised by God and nothing less. I am a US Marine retired but at 66 years old I would still gladly fight to defend both my country the USA and Gods country Israel.

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