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David’s Harp Aluminum Trivet

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This decorative trivet will grace your table in elegance. Its shape is based on an ornament in the shape of an ancient harp, popularly known as “King David’s Harp.” King David was known as the poet of the people, as he composed the Book of Psalms while playing a harp like this one. The artifact was discovered at the Temple Mount Sifting Operation at Emek Tzurim on the Mount of Olives. It is two centimeters wide, its date is unknown and it happens to be very similar in shape and form to the symbol chosen to represent the City of David.

Brushed aluminum
Diameter: 8″ / 20.5 cm

About the Brand The City of David collection is a unique and exquisite line of artwork based on the actual discoveries made in the City of David’s famous archaeological excavations, which are uncovering the history and culture of Jerusalem dating back thousands of years. Each piece comes with its own story of the archaeological find that inspired the design, which enables you to connect to the rich past of ancient Jerusalem with the present day beauty of these original works of art.

In the Bible

And it came to pass, when the [evil] spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took the harp, and played with his hand; so Saul found relief, and it was well with him, and the evil spirit departed from him.
--2 SAMUEL 16:23

King David is often remembered as a warrior king. His military exploits and his hardline courts of justice were both revered and feared in the annals of history. However the Bible begins David's narrative by describing his role as shepherd and musician, recording his purity, simplicity and his genuine efforts to connect to God through land and music. The harp, gentle and sorrwful, echoes the yearning of King David's soul, reaching out for God, even when the warrior overtook the shepherd. Bring the beauty of King David's purity into your home with this stunning decorative piece.



  1. Kimberly Cole (verified owner)

    Thank you the Harp Trivet is very pretty it came in a very nice box wrapped up in very pretty paper. Very Good Quality unique as you can’t find trivet’s that pretty here it will come in handy Love It!!! Kimberly C.

  2. Sharon Krauss

    Please play this in America to soothe the savagery of many beasts, under the sway of demonic oppression.

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