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2018-2019 Jewish Calendar & Holiday Guide

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Israel365’s brand new 16-month calendar and Jewish Holiday guide is sure to infuse your home with a dose of spirituality.

Each page of the calendar includes a breathtaking full color image of the Land of Israel along side an inspiring Bible verse and an uplifting Bible lesson.

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Hanging this brand new calendar in your space will honor the God, the People and the Land of Israel. Bring Israel to life with monthly Bible verses and commentaries connected to the beautiful images of modern-day Israel.

The calendar begins on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New year in September 2018. Set your schedule to “God’s timing” by keeping track of Biblical holidays and festivals over the next 16 months.

Each of the Biblical verses appears in Hebrew, English and transliteration to enable you to properly pronounce the Hebrew verses. Moreover, a Hebrew alphabet chart is included with the calendar to aid you in learning Hebrew letters and words.


  1. Rebecca Rardin

    Greatly loved the last one. Helps me focus on real “holidays” that scripture commands we do and remember why.

    • Margaret

      Bought two last year. One for a friend and one for my kitchen where I see it all the time. 2 again this year.

    • Gwyneh Loyd

      please tell me cost in pounds sterling

      • Mazal

        Shalom Gwyneh, $19.95 is £15.48 sterling. Thank you!

    • hendree kaulafa

      No place is like Israel a safe home to live eternally

    • Jennifer

      Do you deliver to Northern Ireland

      • Mazal

        Yes, we can ship to Northern Ireland.

    • simone frenkiel

      is it free shipping? i live in CANADA.

      • Mazal

        Hi Simone, shipping charges are additional. Shipping charge to Canada is $13.

    • Sandr Cohen

      How long is delivery to Uk? I want 2 to arrive before Rosh Hashanna to give as gifts

      • Mazal

        Shalom, the delivery period is about two weeks. Thank you!

    • eliezerpalit (verified owner)

      Just ordered to be shipped to Singapore. When will they arrive?

      • Mazal

        Your purchased item will arrive in about two weeks.

    • Cindy

      What month does the calendar start at?

      • Mazal

        Begins on Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 2018), the “head of the Jewish year”.

  2. Haya

    I want to buy a calendar, but I don’t shop on line. I live in Bat Yam and made aliyah a year ago and need a calendar. Is there a way I could meet you, or deposit the cost of a calendar into your account and you could send me one or bring me one in Bat Yam and I’ll pay cash? I don’t know my way to Jerusalem, so I’m mostly in Bat Yam.

    • Mazal

      Shalom Haya, please send an email to Steven at Thank you!

    • Jason

      i love your customer care, keep up the good job ladies and gentleman, Shalom

      • Mazal

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Jason. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

  3. Edward Rubinstein

    What is the size of the calendar page, not the entire spread?

    • Mazal

      Shalom, the size of the calendar page is 8.5″ x 11″. Thank you!

    • eliezerpalit (verified owner)

      I just ordered 10 pcs to shipped to Singapore. I live in Indonesia, though. When can I expect to have them. They are actually gifts for 6 Indonesian couples who will leave for Israel on Sept. 19z

      • Mazal

        Your purchased items should reach Singapore in about two weeks.


      How many days to send it to Spain?

      • Mazal

        The shipping will take about two weeks more or less to reach Spain.

    • Patricia M. Smith

      I am from the United States, and am a member of the American Association of Jews and Christians and contribute whenever I can……

  4. Nilana Loubser

    Is the Israel365 Bible available in shops in Israel? If so, please send a list.

  5. Adele Babbage

    Are the illustrations modern photos?

    • Mazal

      Yes, the calendar has related images from modern-day Israel.



  6. Reggie Lawrence

    Is this calendar available in/for South Africa?

    • Mazal

      Yes, the Calendar is available for shipping to South Africa.

    • Parsam


    • PAUL VICTOR Neshkawe

      GOD of ISRAEL.

    • Donna Coker

      I tried to order the Jewish calendar in bulk. It didnt give me the discount

    • Jose Bautista

      Is this in US dollar, what is conversion rate yo Aussie dollar

      • Mordecai Altose

        The conversion is made by your bank at the time of purchase.

  7. Elisha kuje

    Make access to products less stressful.

    • Jose Bautista

      How much it will cost me for two to Melbourne?

      • Mordecai Altose


  8. Lars Göransson

    Can it bee deliverd to Sweden

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Lars – yes, we can ship to Sweden

  9. Grace Pywell

    Do you have a UK office where your Calendars can be purchased please?

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Grace – the calendars are only available for purchase online.

  10. constant lit

    May I know if this beautiful calender has which system of dates – Jewish, Gregarian?
    Thank you

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom – it has both Jewish and Gregorian dates.

    • LEO BYRD

      Does it show it on a Calendar

  11. Gwyneth Lloyd (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful calendars, I am delighted with mine, and my pastor for whom I bought the second one is so happy thankyou.

    • Patricia Smith

      Can’t wait to get mine! P.S.

  12. Sandy Margolius

    Shalom! I would like to buy one – it sounds AMAZING – however, I don’t have PayPal etc. I could only pay in South Africa Rands. It this possible? and could it be sent to me. Toda, Sandy [Jewish Christian]

    • Ayal Kellman

      Hi – we only accept payment by credit card or PayPal. If you have a credit card that works internationally, that should work.

    • Sandra Haddock

      I will be glad to buy Sandy Margolius to have a Calendar, just send one to her in South Africa. I’m fixin’ to order 3 calendars, 1 for her and 2 for me. Thank-You, Peace and know that I keep y’all in my prayers.

  13. Debbie Cormier

    I would rather pay by check.

  14. Barbara Shannon


    • Barbara Shannon

      I love the calendar.

    • LEO BYRD

      What day is the SHABBAT

  15. Alan Godden

    Exellent product a good aid to remember all the sacred days and holidays…

  16. Patricia Smith


  17. Sharene Marcus

    Good day, please could you let me know what it would cost to post to New Zealand.
    Thank you,

    • Mordecai Altose

      US $11

  18. Mrr&Mrs C Mike & Lindz B Cox Sr


  19. Connie Hooper

    What address can I send a money ordet to for the calendar?

    • Mordecai Altose

      In Israel:
      Yig’al Alon Ave 1
      Bet Shemesh, 9906201

      In the US:
      Lynx Fulfillment
      Attention: ISRAEL365
      243 Root Street, Dock 2
      Olean, NY 14760


  20. Anthony Cobham



    YO LLEVO PEREGRINOS DOS VECES AL AÑO A ISRAEL, DESDE 1988 SIN INTERRUPCIÓN: ¿Cual es vuestra Dirección en Jerusalem?
    Este es mi Correo:

  22. donna downs

    What are the dimensions of calendar

    • Mordecai Altose

      Approximately 9″ x 12″.

  23. Donna Beggs (verified owner)

    Will this calendar go from Rosh HaShanah of this year to Elul 29 next year? I have one that ends the end of this year and will need one for the new year.

    • Mordecai Altose


  24. Sonia R. Garin

    Can I buy Israel Calendar evethough I am from Kawit, Cavite, Philippines? Let me know how much will it cost.

    • Steven Ellison

      Shalom! Do you have any desk calendars?

  25. donna downs

    What is the size or dimensions of calendar

    • Mordecai Altose

      Approximately 9″ x 12″.

  26. Mordecai Altose

    Please try again. If you still have difficulties, please email us.

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