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Rebbe Nachman and You: A Breslov Primer

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This book gives an in depth examination of the inspirational teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Covering concepts like free will, simplicity, joy, peace and suffering, this book counsels the mind to open itself up and consider basic life experiences in a new way. The tools to change are revealed in a refreshing way, while taking into consideration a host of the positive and negative traits we can have, as well as bearing in mind the challenges we face in daily life. This book considers a wide range of issues, scenarios and difficulties which people may face in life and provides the sincere with invaluable wisdom on how to face them.

192 pages, Softcover

About the Author
Rabbi Chaim Kramer is a writer and founder and director of the Breslov Research Institute in Jerusalem. A follower of the Breslov tradition, he captures the revolutionary thoughts found within the teachings of the Rebbe Nachman and presents it for modern life.

In the Bible

How much better than fine gold is the acquisition of wisdom, and the acquisition of understanding is choicer than silver

Challenges in life create struggles that can be difficult to overcome. All too often we ask God why these things happen, and frequently we have no answer. We try our hardest not to make mistakes that might lead us down that problematic path, and pray for some insight so we can avoid the possibility of any mistake reoccurring altogether. This biblical quote epitomizes these thoughts, and this book from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov can provide the much needed wisdom and understanding so many of us need.


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