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The Israel Bible eBook: Samuel

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From the 70th Anniversary Edition of The Israel Bible

Before the prophet Shmuel (Samuel) became the judge of Israel, the nation was in dire straits. The previous book of Shoftim describes many instances of the children of Israel violating God’s will by engaging in idolatry and immorality, and then being punished with subjugation to other nations. Though there were great heroes and times of triumph during the period of the judges, much of it was bleak. The nation of Israel often failed to live up to the challenge of living as a holy and free people in its land.


Journey through the Book of Samuel with insightful commentary and a special focus on the Land of Israel. Includes the full, original Hebrew text with clear English translation.

Though there are numerous daily devotional Bibles dedicated to individual themes, we see that the most central theme of the Bible, the Land of Israel, has been entirely overlooked. Never before has Israel been at the forefront of the world’s attention as it is in our generation. World events may be interpreted through the prism of our understanding of the Bible, where God’s plan for Israel is illuminated. As we look to interpret the challenges of our generation and understand the world’s focus on Israel, The Israel Bible has never been so necessary as it is today.


In the Bible

And it was, when Samuel had grown old, that he appointed his sons judges for Israel.
--SAMUEL 1 8:1

This verse probably highlights Samuel's iconic role in the history of the Jewish nation. Samuel was a miracle baby, born to a baren mother, Chanah, who prayed to God for his arrival. She promised to give him to the Sanctuary, and offered him to be brought up by the priests of the Tabernacle so that he would devote his life to the work of God. Samuel's narrative is the first time we see a prophet in an individual light, from the gensis of his tale to his death. He was the maker of kings and dynasties and a prophet of great righteousness. He made King Saul and King David who they were, as instructed by God, and he refined the judicial system within the Land of Israel.



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