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The Israel Bible eBook: Psalms

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Psalms eBook: Download a taste of The Israel Bible!

From the 70th Anniversary Edition of The Israel Bible

The Book of Psalms is first and foremost a shining example of Biblical poetry. This genre conveys the word of God in a different medium than narrative; it focuses not on what one reads or hears but rather on what one feels and intuits. . In the Book of Psalms, God, the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel are inextricably linked. When David speaks of the Judean desert, we know to which he refers; when David runs to the mountains, we can access that geographical context and be doubly enriched. Thus, every psalm is also a semi-history lesson of the Children of Israel and their deep relationship with the Land of Israel, the God of Israel, with their enemies and with each other.


Journey through the complete Book of Psalms with insightful commentary and a special focus on the Land of Israel. Includes the full, original Hebrew text with clear English translation.

In the Bible

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may they prosper that love thee.
--PSALMS 122:6

Peace is the most important gift we can ask from God, on an individual level, as families, and between nations. It is therefore of utmost significance that the world’s holiest city, Jerusalem (ירושלים), has the word 'shalom' at its core, because it is meant to be the source for all peace on earth. King David exhorts “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” for when Jerusalem is confronted with conflict, the whole world suffers, however when Jerusalem is at peace, the entire world enjoys serenity.



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