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Emergency Terror Victims Campaign

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Israeli citizens are under attack and they need your help.

We are facing a cruel enemy, whose evil knows no bounds, but we who live in Israel and who love Israel have faith that God will ultimately protect us. May the God of Israel bless the People of Israel in the Land of Israel, especially the terror victims and their families.

Your donation will be rushed to the families of terror victims who shouldn’t have to worry about financial expenses at this terrible time and who will be strengthened knowing that friends from all over the world are standing with them and standing against Islamic terror.

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  1. Chris Hayes

    May God bless Israel forever.

  2. Sue Harwood

    May the Lo-d bless you and keep you

  3. John Michael Stabel

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, the World and the

  4. Urban Ahlstrand

    I am a Swedish Christian and my Christian wife is from Samoa.We live in Western Australia.We love and support Israel.

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