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Shivat Natural Barley Soap

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Ingredients: 80% Palm/20% Palm Kernel oil, deionized water (aqua), olive oil, natural extract, almond oil, shea butter, BLE D Avoine oil, wheat germ oil and BLE D Avoine RS20218.

Made in Israel
100 gr. / 3.5 oz.

In the Bible

A Land of wheat, barley, grape, fig and pomegranate; a Land of olive oil and honey.

All of God’s bounty is beneficial for us and there are many delicious foods that grow in the Land of Israel, yet the Creator of the world singled out seven species of fruit and grain as being particularly blessed. Over the centuries, many have sought to explain the special significance of the ‘Seven Species,’ known as the שבעת המינים in Hebrew (shee-VAT ha-mee-NEEM). Each one contains healthful nutrients that benefit the body and promote wellness. Shivat Natural Cosmetics combine all-natural ingredients and extracts of the Seven Species to bring you skin-supportive cleansing soaps and beauty products that bring you closer not only to nature, but also to the Holy Land.

The barley harvest is a harbinger of spring. Nature's oldest grain, barley alleviates dermatological rashes and skin allergies. Barley soap is a natural product that contains wheat germ oil, olive oil and shea butter. This combination helps remove excess toxins while keeping the skin vibrant and hydrated.


  1. Angela Lim (verified owner)

    The natural, fresh smell just lingers and your skin will refresh and rehydrate well. Thank you for the wonderful soap, will continue using it! 🙂

  2. Felicia (verified owner)

    I use these soaps all the time and just love them. I know that I will not be going back to ordinary store-bought soap as these are great cleansers, all natural (which is a big plus for me), and leave me feeling clean and fresh.

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