Reviving Moshav Tzafririm
October 25, 2019

Tzafririm is a beautiful town located in the  Yehuda region of Israel. Tzafririm means ‘morning breeze’ and we would see right away, how the town got its name. The air in Tzafririm was so fresh and crisp, it was amazing spending time walking around and touring the area.

We met Eyal in Tzafririm. Eyal, who was born in the town in 1970, is one of the heads of the community and oversees all of the gardening, upkeep, and cultural activities. Eyal’s parents were born in Iraq and immigrated to Israel in the early 1950s, in the early days of the modern State of Israel.

Eyal told us wonderful stories of his childhood in Tzafririm. He pointed to the trees surrounding the town and remembered planting them as a child. He reminisced of the days in which every family was responsible for guarding their own homes and farms against neighboring enemies at night. In the 1950s, Tzafririm was on the front line of the State of Israel. It is located just kilometers from hostile Palestinian villages. Speaking to Eyal was an honor! It was speaking to someone who had devoted his life to building and defending the Land of Israel!


Eyal was so appreciative of our trip to Tzafririm. He told us that the majority of the community members are seniors, and the community is running short on funds. Due to lack of funds, many of the gardening and agricultural programs in the town have been cut. It is such a shame to see this community grown old and go uncared for. 

It was so miraculous then, that we, Israel365 showed up to plant trees in this small town. Eyal was overjoyed to find out that this generous tree planting event was sponsored by lovers of Israel from around the world. We explained to him that our donors love the Land and the People of Israel and are eager to connect to Israeli communities and help beautify their towns and villages.

Thank you so much to ALL of the donors who have contributed to our tree planting campaign. We are continuing to travel across the country, meet the people and plant trees in Israeli communities. If you would like to contribute to this campaign and make a direct impact on the people of Israel, please CLICK HERE.

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