Our prayers can help!


The soul is always praying, always in communion with God. 

If the body didn’t need to eat, drink, sleep and exercise, we would probably spend our entire day and night praying to God.

But since we do live in a physical body, we have to make time to pray. And we must put sincere effort into our prayer, especially during difficult times when God’s people are suffering.  

Right now, the IDF soldiers on the front desperately need your prayers.

Prayers List

May our Heavenly Father grant you strength, comfort and healing 🕊 🙏 Amen

I pray for G-d's mercy strength and healing for the victims and their loved ones.

Viki Whitner
I pray for you all, that, you shall not die but you shall live to declear the works of the Lord, in the Jesus Christ Amashiya. Amen. I wish that I have there number to give them a call. Shalom!

musa batari zambuk
May Hashem heal you speedily and bless you for a healthy and safe life

Felicia Coen
The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord shine his face upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you SHALOM.

Elizabeth Schmidt
כ הַבֵּט לַבְּרִית: כִּי מָלְאוּ מַחֲשַׁכֵּי-אֶרֶץ, נְאוֹת חָמָס. 20 Look upon the covenant; for the dark places of the land are full of the habitations of violence. כא אַל-יָשֹׁב דַּךְ נִכְלָם; עָנִי וְאֶבְיוֹן, יְהַלְלוּ שְׁמֶךָ. 21 O let not the oppressed turn back in confusion; let the poor and needy praise Thy name. כב קוּמָה אֱלֹהִים, רִיבָה רִיבֶךָ; זְכֹר חֶרְפָּתְךָ מִנִּי-נָבָל, כָּל-הַיּוֹם. 22 Arise, O God, plead Thine own cause; remember Thy reproach all the day at the hand of the base man. כג אַל-תִּשְׁכַּח, קוֹל צֹרְרֶיךָ; שְׁאוֹן קָמֶיךָ, עֹלֶה תָמִיד. 23 Forget not the voice of Thine adversaries, the tumult of those that rise up against Thee which ascendeth continually.

Rosemarie Stotzki
Adonai Abba Father In the mighty name of Yeshua I pray your peace and hedge of protection over our brothers and sisters Israel and Jerusalem I pray your shield and sword to be with them at all times I pray for your safety and protection in Israel's going and coming set a fence of protection around them at all times in the mighty name of Yeshua I pray amen

Loretta Taylor
God Lord of Abraham,Isaac, Jacob, God of Israel please remember your promises with your servant Abraham remember your nation, and protect your children Israel, you are our refuge the only saviour, look upon your children and hear their cry in Jesus name amen

Bongane Sindane
My heavenly Father! You created the heavens, the earth and the waters and everything that is in them! You are the G-d of every soul, you are the G-d and Father of every Consolation, too. I am very greatful for all of your creatures! Many thanks for your chosen people Israel and for its 3574th birthday which was celebrated past weeks. Let there fly every glory to Your name for Your grace and truth and faithfulness! I am greatfully thank for your Israelis children, for those widows and orphans in the central Isreal city of Elad, who has recently losted their loves ones, their husbands and fathers, who were murdered by „palestinian” terrorists in a brutal way. I plead you, our Father, the G-d of every Consolation, take away their deep sad and pain and please comfort and healed them with Your ever lasting love. May they feel and see Your goodness in their life day by day. I also plead that may they be able to receive and accept the grace and love that You give them. I praise You that You never change Your essential nature, you are the same yesterday, today and for ever. You state to Israel many times „I am YHWH your G-d”. Thank You for never being late to pay to Your people's enemies who is Your enemies. You pay them for their evilness in time. I thank you Lord also in the names of these widows and orphans! My heavenly Father I ask You that may the Israel's government focus on its task to provide security for its citizens in a much more effective way! Let them focus on Your priorities that have set for them. The evil doers, the killers, the murderers do not teach the truth without any punishment which they are worth for their devilness. Our Father it is written in the Torah, in the book of Genesis, in the verses 5-6 of the chapter 9 (for Noach):”And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of man, even at the hand of every man's brother, will I require the life of man. 6. Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of G-d made the man.” My heavenly Father, thank you are listening to our prayers, we believe and trust You, only in You and not in men, that You are a G-d who answers their children's prayer, especially if we ask You as for Your will. May You have every glory now, and for ever! Amen!

Ildikó Mrs Kovacs
May the God of Israel comfort all the families in Yeshua Hameshiac's name I pray. AMEN

David Kwizera
It is written in the Scriptures,: ' Behold that keeps Yisra'el neither slumber nor sleep. YHWH is your keeper; YHWH is your shade upon your right hand. YHWH shall keep you from evil: He shall keep your soul. My sincere condolences to the departed and pray that Hall provide all the needs of the fatherless by His riches in glory through Yeshua Messiah. Amen HAPPY 74TH INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL ISRAEL.

James Gitari
Dios has que estas atrocidades no vuelvan a repetirse, Dios otorga consuelo a los deudos y danos Tu paz, Amen.

Ernesto Nunez
Father God I lift up the families that have been traumatized by these senseless murders and surround their families with Your hedge of protection. Be with those that are fighting for their lives, I pray for complete healing and recovery with full restoration. In Jesus name, amen.

Kathy Myers
May the God Of Abraham, send his healing power to all those Israelis and their Families who were injured in this attack.. I ask this in the name of Jesus..Amen

Daniel Moore
Heavenly Father. Give comfort and peace to the families that have lost their loved ones. Lead them and guide them through their time of loss and heartbreak. In the Holy name of Jesus. Amen.

Thomas Buford
May the Lord give the victims a speedy recovery, may He protect the children of Israel from the terrorists

Lulamile Yeko
There are no words of comfort I can give you all. I can only pray that the LORD ALMIGHTY give you all strength, resilience, hope and courage in this most difficult time. Remember your Husbands/ Fathers will be "raised up in the resurrection of eternal life". KEEP THE FAITH.

Agatha Camilla Decruz
The Lord comfort and strengthen u all. Am a witness of God's grace, mercies, and comfort for 26 years 3 months. I lost my husband in January 1996. He will surely comfort u all. Their memories are surely a blessing amen.

Esther Bmitosahi
What Hell has unleashed, our God will destroy. In what can only be the worst time of your lives, our God is with you, and at a time when you cannot conceive what is happening, our God is with you and will deliver you, in Jesus's mighty name, Amen.

Blair Cross
פָּנָה אֶל-תְּפִלַּת הָעַרְעָר וְלֹא-בָזָה, אֶת תְּפִלָּתָם

Daniel Fillit
Our hearts are with you as you mourn the death of your loved ones in this brutal attack. May The Lord comfort your hearts and supply your every need . May His grace give you strength as you walk through this time of grief.

Brenda Taylor

Shlomo Schreibman
I cannot imagine the terror of of an attack .Here in Canada I live a fairly safe life. I lift you people up to our God .My heart goes out to you .I pray you have family members with you to help you, pray for you and just stand with you. May God deeply bless you now and in the days ahead . Cry out to Him in your anguish , he hears and will answer.

Helen Austin
Father in Heaven we ask for your Peace be upon the victims and families of this terror. We ask your precious healing on the victims, spiritual and physical. We ask Your comfort on the wives and especially the innocent children. Bless the Lord, In You we trust. In Jesus name.

Dorothy Stus
Psalm 94:1-23 KJVS O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thyself. [2] Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth: render a reward to the proud. [3] Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph? [4] How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves? [5] They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage. [6] They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless. [7] Yet they say, The Lord shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it. [8] Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise? [9] He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see? [10] He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know ? [11] The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity. [12] Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O Lord, and teachest him out of thy law; [13] That thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit be digged for the wicked. [14] For the Lord will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance. [15] But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it. [16] Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? [17] Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence. [18] When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O Lord, held me up. [19] In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul. [20] Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law? [21] They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood. [22] But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge. [23] And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; yea, the Lord our God shall cut them off.

Kathleen M DeZeeuw
Lord in this day on sabbath we pray that the families of the victims be comforted by the Holy Spirit. Lord we pray that your righteousness prevails in these trying and hard times were living in. Lord we pray that you remember the innocent blood that has been shed in these terrorist attacks & that you redeem there families and friends in the name of your son yeshua we pray amen.

sorys Besu
Blessed are You Lord our God King of the universe who made Heaven and Earth: I pray Lord that You touch the families who have lost their loved ones. The children that have been left behind: I pray that you heal them, and keep them by Your side and give them comfort: In Jesus mighty name Amen. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Hen Mauff
Father, I lift up the victims of this horrific attack and their families. I pray for miraculous healing and the peace that passes all understanding. Touch each of the four wounded with the power of your Holy Spirit and let your healing virtue flow through each body from head to toe, in the name of your son, Yeshua, Jesus. Father, we also pray for the peace of Israel, especially Jerusalem. Blessings to all

Linda Marchinke
Abba kadosh who see all things please have merci of these families who has been attacked. Please bring your healing to the survivors! refuah shlemah!

Virna Fonseca
תהילים 91

Evelyn Galleher
Father, please comfort and heal each heart that is broken. Please help this families to move on and provide in their every need. In Jesus Name Amen

Martene Pistorius
Please accept my sincerest condolences. May God comfort and bless the families during this difficult time.

Maria Rasch
Abba Father We come into your mighty throne room for the victims of this horrible attack .We pray that this evil may be bound in heaven that it may be bound on earth Fathet we ask for justice and know you will provide .We ask you also father to comfort the families and all involved in this tragedy .Give them your overwhelming peace comfort and put workers around them that can help to support you in this great time of need We thank you a head of time .We pray this in mighty name of Yeshua

Rick Turnbull
Heavenly Father, I pray for miraculous healing for these victims of hate and terror. Please, Lord, supply their needs for healing, and provide financially for them and their loved ones through this difficult time. Keep them all safe as they both heal and grieve. Please give the doctors and nurses skilled hands and minds as they care for these precious children of Yours. May they and their families lean on You and lean into You for healing, comfort, provision, and peace. Please use this horrible thing that has been done and turn it around for good as only You can. We trust You, Lord. My heart hurts so much for these victims and their families. Please, Lord, comfort them all. I pray for justice. Please bring peace to Israel. Please bring peace to Jerusalem. Please protect Your chosen people and draw their hearts to You. In Your most precious name, Amen

Rebekah Koshar
God al mighty in the name of Jesus Please speed healing to these mighty soldiers of Israel . I asked you oh God to speed healing to their bodies and I pray that God you will raise them up with quickly so their enemies will not triumph. From this day forward I pray that you will put in all Israel soldiers a gift of discernment so powerful that they will be able to spot any one who is a terrorist and be able to pick them out of a crowd before any more attacks occur . I claim Psalm 103 for them and Isiah 41 for them all. God Bless Israel and God Bless the Jewish people . Amen

Don Gries
Please Hashem bless these 4 brave courageous people who need your help to give them a Refuah Shelama. Please Hashem show them what you are able to do. Please Hashem help heal these beautiful people who are living in Israel and devoting their lives to the sanctity of your name.

Lesley Silberstein
Heavenly father I come to you in agreement with the body of Christ to ask for your divine peace over those who have lost their loved ones and for you to become a father to the fatherless right now, and for those responsible to be brought to justice, bless and keep those families supply their needs right now in Jesus name amen

Janette Baijnath

Kevin Brodess
May you recover speedily and be strong and healthy. May you be surrounded by love, comfort and safety.

Sylvie Schapira
Almighty God i think of all the injured people in Israel and ask You my Lord to heal and safe them please. Jesus pls protect Israel from the evel terror attacts in Israel in Jesus name. Amen.

Jan Prins
I pray the most high God's supernatural divine healing upon the victims. I ask our Lord and Saviour to see them through and protect them all from any escalation. I plead God's Holy Blood upon them and His hedge of protection around them. I also ask God to fill them with His Strength and comfort their families in Jesus Christ Mighty Name HALLELUJAH AMEN 🙏🏼💞🙏🏼💞🙏🏼💞🙏🏼

Suzie Farries
We are so very sorry for the loss of your father. Know that he is with our Heavenly Father rejoicing with the angels. We will send continued prayers for your safety and peace during this tragic and devastating time. You are loved.

Susan Warwick
ELOHIM AVRAHAM, ELOHIM YITZAK, ELOHIM YACOV, ELOHIM DAH'VEED provide you healing in every part of your being, shine the light of His Countenance upon you that you may rise up in perfect health unto His praise forevermore.

Jennifer Jirile
Sovereign Father of the universe, I pray and ask for Your supernatural power of healing and strength upon the victims of the terror attacks who are fighting for their lives right now in Israel. I stand with them and their families and friends at this time. May You shower them with Your steadfast love and let Your shalom saturate their bodies. In Yeshua's name, Amen 🙏

Naum Pondikou
God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, I pray to you, protect all your people, the nation of Israel from all their enemies. Fence the Israelites with your strong hand and outstretched arm. I believe, God as the guardian of Israel will give Israel victory. Amen

Esther Susanna

Elisabeth Marshall
Dear Heavenly Father, We cannot begin to describe the sadness we feel for those who have lost loved ones in this time of tragedy.We pray for Your mercy and compassion to uphold each one and they will find in You the eternal Rock upon Whom they can depend. Thankyou that this is not the only life but there is a better one for those who trust in Your Son for salvation and we can say like David in Psalm 23,”and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. “ There is hope in you for life beyond the here and now. God bless,Dave.

David Baker
May He, Who never sleeps nor slumbers, be with you, give you strength and comfort you.

Gretha Sittig
God I cry out to you for a complete miracles healing for the victims .. Work your supernatural through the doctors and alle the teams who surround Them .. Prayers for the families of the victims .. only YOU GOD can bring Them through O God .and asking that you provider for their children and families and for Them to be surrounded in your arms of supernatural comfort .. Just help Them God Asking you GOD for supernatural strenght and alle the needed provission and finances for their children and the families Just continue prayers !!!

Henny de Koning
Israel & it's people are always i my prayers.

Jenny Spellacy
Dear Lord, have mercy help the fatherless children and there mothers also to recover from trauma about these attacs! Lead them through and keep them in security! Mighty father i plea for this in the name of Jeshua!

Theresa Oswald

stefano pesce
I Pray that God will comfort you in the midst of your pain and suffering!! I Pray in The Name of Jesus that the people responsible will answer to God!!

James Tucker
Our Father, Your Word says that You shall come down to us here on earth, with "healing in Your Wings"and I now pray to You that You will so touch these wounded men. that they may receive Your healing from the dreadful attack that they suffered. Please Father, give the doctors, treating these men, wisdom to know how to treat their wounds and comfort the bereaved with Your Peace. Show them how You provide and how You are a Very Present Help in trouble. Lord, we pray that You will protect Your people. Amen Gabrielle

Gabrielle Knibbe-Jansen
May he who blessed our fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob . Bless all those who was injured in the attack , Heal them have mercy on them strengthen and invigorate them granting them a speedy and Complete recovery a healing of body and soul .

David Legge
Father, I call on You because several of Your people have been attacked. Father, first of all, let them know that You are there with them because You, Father said that You will never leave them nor will You forsake them. Remind them of Your unfailing love and that perfect love cast out all fear because fear has torment. Send Your healing power for those who were injured by evil people. Bless the children with loving saints who are willing to step up and take them into their home and show them Your loving kindness. And Father, loose Your angels of protection for all of Your children. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Carolyn Scoggins
Father God, I pray that you would look down from Heaven and that you would heal these 4 people who are Israeli's and make them whole. I pray that you would hear our prayers and that you would have mercy on these 4 individuals. Bless their families and friends and meet all their needs. Please put an end to all these terrorist attacks in Israel and that you would give Israel peace. In Jesus mighty Name I pray Amen and Amen

Laura Ervin
May God Bless you and your families. May God also protect and keep you and your families safe from all and any harm. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. I pray God watches over you and comforts you during this difficult time. I send you love and prayers from the US. And May those of you fighting for your life in the hospital be restored to health by our loving God 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Kathleen Parsons
Heavenly Father we come to you united in our prayers for the full recovery of these precious people who have been viciously attacked. Psalm 103 says by His stripes we are healed. We claim thisvictory now . AMEN

Ruth Kiely
God protect everyone that is attacked by terrorist or any violence towards anyone. Please give us love, peace, Harmony, and unity. By the grace of God let our souls elevate to protect us from evil Amen

Brett Ripley
Father.....You have these People in the Palm of Your hand.....Thank You....Bless them Father and Keep them.....Your face shine greatly on them.....Give them Your peace.....Thank You Father in Jesus name.....Holy Spirit.....by Your power....We love You....Amen

Renee Canfield
Lord, in your mercy heal these men. Above all, Lord, we pray for your healing upon Israel and bless them with peace and your comfort. In this time of violence and hopelessness, Lord, we still believe in your sovereignty and that you hand has never left the land that you've professed your love to. You have loved Israel and your people with an everlasting love and we proclaim that promise once again upon Israel. Let your glory be seen in this land and the lands beyond. We pray for your healing and comfort to be upon the families who were affected in this tragedy. We pray for families who have lost their loved ones and those who are injured. Lord, show yourself to them and bring along people and aids that they need. In Christ's name we pray, AMEN.

Jenny Ling
I pray that The Great Healer wrap His arms around you and grant healing and peace. Praying for your family that the Lord wrap His loving arms around them at this time. And I pray for a hedge of protection for all in Israel. May He punish those that desire to do any harm.

Dan Riser
God, I pray for your intervention in the lives of all of your children in Israel & in the world. Please heal the injuries, both physical & emotional, with miracles that will become a testimony to your awesome love and power. That all that see or even hear about the supernatural healings, that only you can provide, so that everyone might come into the knowledge of how very much you love them. Open their hearts and minds that they might be able to see and understand about our Savior Jesus, is holding His arms out for them to run too. Help them see that Your promise is true in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Please, Heal, Comfort, Protect and Provide everything they need. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

Kathleen Vincent
I proclaim and declare Father, Yah Weh, Hashem Our God, please send your supernatural emotional healing, love, and comfort to the families to get through this awful tragedy. Father, I declare for your supernatural protection over all parts of Israel to prevent this from ever happening again, thank you, Father! Father, Please dispatch your protection angels over your chosen ones and your Holy Land, I declare this, In Yeshua’s Precious Name, Your Son and Our Savior and Lord, Amen!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank You, Yah Weh, Hashem, Our God, We love you, Father!!!!😇

Renee Moreau
Hashem please provide a quick refuah shalaimah to those still suffering and provide their families with the stength to go on,

Helen Jambor
Heavenly Father, we pray for the loss these precious families have endured. For the children who lost their fathers in a horrible, completely unnecessary act of hate. We pray they will be caught and punished by the most extreme methods available. Yes, we are to forgive and love but this has gone on for centuries and it's time it stops. We denounce you satan in the powerful name of HaMashiach that you can not touch another of God's chosen or harm them. We also pray for those in the hospital fighting for chaim. May ata Adoni Elohenu open the Heavens and pour many blessings upon these stricken families, heal and restore their shalom. Gam pray for the shalom of Jerusalem.

Sharon Rothrock-Dodge
May G-D Bless you all at this sad time.

Gavriel Dee
Shalom, the I Am of the world, I request to show mercy on those of the Israeli Nation that were attacked. In the powerful name above all names....Jesus heal the families that have lost their loved ones from this attack.

Beverly Phenis
Father in heaven hear the prayer of our fore fathers; "you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.“ Please Father remember Israel in his affliction.

Randy Moulton
To the three who’s lives were cut too short, may God’s Healing hands bring comfort to you in heaven. To the four fighting to survive, may the prayers of us who have heard be heard in heaven and bring God’s healing to you today and always. God bless you all.

John Thomson
So sorry for what you are going through. I am praying that you may receive the comfort and peace that only God can provide.

Doreen McCardle
O God, author and giver of peace, in whose image and likeness each of us has been created with a human dignity worthy of respect on earth and destined for eternal glory, Listen to the cry that rises from every corner of this fragile earth, from our human family torn by violent conflict: Give peace in our time, O good and gracious God, that peace which, as your son Jesus Christ told us and as we have experienced in these days, is a peace which the world cannot give

Estelle Krause
Father in Heaven we give you praise and Glory. You alone are worthy. Cleanse us in the blood of your Son Jesus Christ, wash us in your blood. We thank you for life and the good things that happens to us daily. Right now Lord we are asking you to comfort the family members of those who have lost their Husbands, Fathers, siblings, uncles, in the this gruesome attack. We pray for comfort for them as you are the God of all comfort. You are able to do exceedingly above what we ask or Imagine. In Psalm 46 you said Lord. You are our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. These are troublesome times Lord and we ask you to give hope and comfort to those who are in trouble now. We look for swift deliverance as only you can give it in the name if Yeshua. Amen

Clyde Morris

Estelle Krause
I am so sorry to hear of the horrible attack. May God heal you and comfort you as you recover and deal with the heartache. May you feel God’s presence in a personal way. Amen

Blane Bardsley
Our Father and our King! We truly believe you are Mighty Forever! You revive the dead,,, but also You are Powerful To Save. Father we ask You remember Your covenant with your chosen people, this is Your month of healing, we just ask You to stretch out Your hand upon them.

Daniel Elder
Dear God please comfort your people in this trying time. Please bless the children and keep them safe. Lord help their wives to be strong in this painful hour may strength and hope be theirs always.l

Kathy Thomas
O great physician by all the power for which you are known to be GOD, arise and declare total healing upon the victims of the terror attacks in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

Oguah Blessing
Hashem we pray for the safety and well being of your children and all the families that are going through all the suffering from this war and those who do not know you , amen

Marielos Escalante Barrantes
May Hashem bring complete healing - body and soul to you and comfort to your loved ones.

Teree Farbstein
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for complete healing for the badly injured people. Please work a miracle on their behalf! I also pray that the bereaved will receive your comfort and strength at this dreadful time. Please stop these attacks and remove these terrorists. Deal with these evil creatures as you see fit. In the wonderful Name of Jesus! Amen 🙏

Betty Maynard
I declare in the mighty name of JESUS that these four men WILL BE healed and made whole again physically and spiritually. Erase the shock Jesus. Comfort and strength for the families that lost their loved one. Blesssings from far away New Zealand.

Carol Shearer
Dear Lord, please give healing and hope to these men and their families. May they feel your presence and may you grant courage, wisdom, compassion, and justice to all those who love them and care for them. Amen.

Shelley Frost
I pray 🙏 that HaShem will reach out to the those injured during the terror attack in Elad, Israel. May He place His hands upon them and grant a Refuah Sheleima.

Shira Levin
Dear Heavenly Father, please may those who were attacked receive your love and grant them all a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you

Lilian Gilad
Dear Heavenly Father, Please help the victims and their families of the terrorist attack that happened in your blessed land of Israel. Give them strength to overcome, and your undying love to comfort in times of need. May the terrorists be found and brought to justice. You know the end from the beginning Lord, and your love and protection will put things right as they should be. In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen x

Jayne Cohen
My dear friend, I'm so so so so sorry for your loss. May you rest assured that I am praying especially for you. May God bless you and Keep you. I'll recite the kaddish especially for you. You are in my heart and in my prayers, Yosef Louis, Montreal, Canada

Yosef Grondin
Lives taken to soon, what the devil meant for evil, God will turn to good. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you shalom peace and heal your hearts. In the name of yeshua, amen.

Linton Mudie
May you all be with our L-rd resting in peace

Marilyn Keston
Just wanted to say that I am praying for all the poor, innocent Israelis that were attacked , murdered in Israel two days ago! May those that have survived become well. Prayers to all their families and those that are dead. May they RIP. May G-d bring peace to all of Israel Shabbat Shalom! Amen

Jean Siegel
Lord please hold these people tight. Bring peace that only you can give. Comfort the families that have lost loved ones. Provide every need these families have above and beyond measure. We thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen

Laura Booth
Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless and protect the 16 children that were recently left fatherless. Please heal the 4 others that were also injured and take away all their pain. I pray You bring 'the light' to the Arab terrorists that performed the attacks. Please enable the victims' families to aquire financial support in a smoothe and blessed way. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!!!

Scott Pingel
To the victims of this evil act I petition our Loving Creator God, Jesus Christ to bring healing, comfort,& peace to them & their 'Families & Friends' God Speed God Bless

derrick bennett
Father God in The Mighty Name Of Jesus we ask you to touch with Your healing hand all who have been injured and all the families of those who are mourning this terrible loss of their fathers! Lord God, I thank You That You Are The Father to the fatherless and the husband to the widow! Holy Spirit bring comfort with The Breath Of a Your Coming and The Love Of Your Presence in the face of all of these tragedies, and I thank You Lord! Amen and Amen and Dear Lord I pray for The Peace , not only of Jerusalem but All Israel, Be a ring of fire around her borders I pray Dear LordGod Almighty! Amen and Amen

Deanna Hoffmann
Dear Lord I pray Psalms 56:8 upon them and your peace that passes all understanding upon every one of them. Please give them the strength to endure in this time. We also pray your heavenly justice in this situation. Psalms 89:14 we are praying for you all in this time. love prayers from Rose Arthur Papua new Guinea

Rose Arthur
Our Father which created the world and all things there upon ,I pray for mercy, love, and strength for those that lost their loved ones, My heart is bleeding for you, and be assured God, The father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirt sees all, Be assured you as a beloved of our creator, is crying in anger against what the enemy is doing to you, but every knee will still bow before the throne of God. My deepest feeling of loss I send with much love for you as a family of the chosen people.

Maria Hunter
Father God maker of heaven and earth our blessed Redeemer,we come to You today to ask for Your Hand of mercy upon all those families who have been torn apart from these horrendous terror attacks. Please pour your strength and love and power into each grieving heart,I pray that underneath and round about will be your Everlasting Arms.

Rosemary Taylor
O Lord God of Israel, in Your Word we trust and pray.. in faith, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble, and I will answer you" Jer.33:3 Please stretch out your merciful Righteous right Hand on all these precious , critically wounded people, and heal them. For nothing is too difficult for Thee. Please comfort the beloved grieving families and the children bereft of their fathers. We thank You for hearing and answering our humble heart cry, In Yeshua's Name, AMEN.

Audrey Ebenezer
Oh Lord Please have mercy on these victims of the terror attack in Israel They are your chosen people, the apple of your eye. Jesus died for them and we know it is by Jesus`s stripes we are healed so we thank you that they are already healed. bless them and their families and may your peace guard their hearts and minds. Elizabeth,

Elizabeth Emslie

Pastor Matthew Hinz
That you will know BY EXPERIENCE the Fatherhood of our loving God. He understands your loss and your Daddy and God are going to 'father' you for the rest of your life.

Kathleen Day
HaShem, our great God and Healer, Please, in your great compassion and tender mercy, heal quickly the horrible damage done in this evil attack on your people. We are the Apple of your eye. Please act on our behalf. Bring justice but also release our hearts through forgiveness. AMEN

Orli Eliana Corey
Father God, I pray in Jesus’ name you will heal these injured people so they can return to their families. God bless Israel and all her people. Amen

Dorcas Jenkins
THE ISRAELITES' PRAYER During that long period, the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God. God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob. So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them - Exodus 2:23 - 25

Frances Bruce
Please God Bless Israel and it's inhabitants. God Bless those who have mean meaninglessly killed.

Mary D Mc Gee
Father, I come to you in Jesus name with prayer for all those attacked and left fatherless and pray for healing, restoration, life and recovery to all I jured physically and emotionally. Father your word says "By Jesus stripes we are healed" ! I pray those terrorists involved will be caught and the fullest extent of the law be applied to them that have committed such a horrendous act. Father, I pray for those children left fatherless will be placed in families with a father who is a believer in Christ Jesus. I pray recovery for all who suffered injuries and speak healing and life into their bodies and minds. I ask and pray this in Jesus mighty name ! AMEN !!!

Patsy Glenn
Dear victims and families, we are praying God's healing for the victims and their families. We pray for a miraculous and speedy recovery them. May HaShem comfort you all including the children that the shalom of God will surround them. Matthew 5 says.. "blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted". We love you and are praying for you all. Believer in Yeshua Messiah. Love for Israel.

Jenevia Bryan-Ducasse
Having been through serious times myself where friends and colleagues have been lost, I know that it's very difficult to trust G_d or to even want to talk to Him. I am a Christian. I have been to Israel 25 times, and have many friends among your people from Haifa to Sde Boker. I KNOW the feelings of losing someone near, and I pray for each of you, the families who have lost the husband and father, and for the ones who are clinging to life right now as a result of the insane and depraved attack orchestrated to follow certain words in the "holy" book of the Qur'an. I will honestly pray for you as soon as I click the "send" button on this email. My prayer will involve Psalm (Tehellim) 23, and will also include words from Psalm 103, Numbers 21: 8-9, Psalm 107:20. I just want those of you who have been intimately afflicted by these criminal acts, that you have someone in America who is a true believer, and I will be praying for you, though I do not know your names....but G_d does. I will pray for healing for those who are still struggling to recover from wounds, I will pray for G_d's grace to walk through the long valley of darkness, and then out into the sunshine again. I will pray for His peace to be upon you, and that your emotions will be healed in His time. Lastly, I will pray for the children, who are no doubt deeply affected by their loss. I bless you from Miramar, Florida. Gary Kosak

Gary Kosak
Yahweh you said in Your Holy Word that by Your Son's stripes we are healed . I claim in Yeshua's name a healing on all those victims. Send your Angels of comfort and mercy to the families. Thank you Lord. Amen

Charis Whaley
“I pray, Your merciful kindness be for their comfort, according to Your Word (Psalm 119:76). On the authority of Your Word, I declare that Your anointing is driving the pain out of their bodies now! In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

Pam Yea
I join you in appealing to the Almighty G_d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the complete healing and restoration physically, spiritually, mentally and a emotionally of each person who has been injured in this attack speedily and soon...May each family member be comforted to know that all things are possible to those who believe...Amen

Loisel Barrios
May HaShem watch over the innocent victims committed by these barbaric attacks and may the vicious killers be aware of the wrath of HaShem!!!’

Danielle Weisman
I pray that you feel the loving care of your Father in heaven - that you lay in His arms as you cry and allow His love and care flow over and through you- healing and comfort and His breathing into you with His Shalom

Christine Rathod
I pray first for your lives, for God's healing. I pray His blessings and provision for your families. May you feel and experience the touch of God.

Margaret Caison
I pray that as the Lord encamped around your forefather as they left Egypt that he will do the same for you. May you know his peace strength and love that passes all understanding every moment of everyday. May you know that you are never alone even when you think that ur tjw last people on earth may you feel his presence in a tangable way as you keep on keeping on. Never never stop believing that he loves you with an everlasting love.and will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter what the circumstances around you show. Shalom. From South Africa

Lelani Kern
Sending You my Deepest Love in this time of sorrow ! You have a Place in my heart ! In Yeshuas Precious Name I pray !

Ruth Eva Holma
Our Blessed Saviour Yahshua will be returning soon & all tears will end I Pray that you are all under His protection & will all meet again in Glory, You are Yahweh’s special one’s Stay close to Him in the terrible times to come, Amen 🙏🙏

Tony Clarke
May HaShem, the G-d of Israel, encompass you with His shalom. Am Yisrael chai.

Sharon Jurist
Oh Lord, most high, please be with the families of the three dead men and the wounded. Give healing to those wounded. Please, Lord, remind these families of those praying for them around the world. Make your presence bold and obvious around Your people. We also pray that churches worldwide become more mindful of the urgency of the help needed. In Your name I pray, Amen.

Marcia Reynolds
We are a Dutch prayergroup and we come together on skype on Friday mornings. We felt the need to pray, this morning, for people in Israel, threatened by an onslaught, . we prayed that the Lord would warn them that they would be alert and aware of danger. Our hearts go out to the wives and children of these slain men. Is there anything you can do to cause the fathers and husbands and wives to pray to our God, to be a very present help in trouble? Our shalom goes out to you to bless you. Gabrielle

Gabrielle Knibbe-Jansen
Abba Father we ask in Jesus Name to comfort the families who are grieving their loved ones. Also the men in a critical condition, please heal and restore them in Jesus Name. Amen

SUSAN Roberts
May the mourners be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May Hashem grant a speedy refuah shleima to the wounded victims fighting for their lives. May Hashem look over and grant economic sustenance to the spouses and children of those who were niftar in the Elad attack.

Steven (Shlomo Nissan) Cohen
Lord your people have been attacked again I pray for their healing and to ask you to send some guardian angels to those that have lost father's and uncles older siblings in this attack and to help the mothers, wives grandmother's and and children in sorrow may you be there for them according to your predictions in the bible thank you for hearing my cry for their help in need and Lord thank you for your help in times of need AMEN

Mary Lamb
Almighty God, king of kings and Lord of Lords.. Please put an end to all kinds of violence on this earth. May your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please comfort the bereaved families, help and restore those who are injured.. You are the father to the fatherless, defender of the widows.. Your goodness and mercy may follow your children all the days of their lives.. Amen!!

Dear Father God please spread your wings over these families, comfort and bless them during this difficult time. Please provide for them all the days of their lives. Praise you Lord Amen

Donna Buckalew
Praying for safety and shalom for each of you. In Yeshua name. Amen.

Sherrice Bond
May Adonai speed your recovery!

Amy West
Father, I pray that your healing power be released upon your children. You are the balm of Gilead, soothe their pains, and let your word that is quick and powerful do a quick work of healing in their lives in Jesus Christ's name. Amen

Florence Agbese
Abba, Father! You are the Creator and King of the Universe! You are the great I Am! You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! You are our comfort and refuge! You are the great physician! Father we ask for comfort to the families of the victims of this horrible attack. We pray for financial aid. Abba we ask for complete healing for the survivors of the attack. We ask for emotional and physical recovery for all. Holy Father, we thank You for hearing our prayers and answering our petitions. We are so grateful for your love and care. We pray Your will be done. In name of and under the authority of Yeshua HaMishiac I pray! Amen

Katen Carpenter
I pray for the peace of God to comfort you, & for Him to meet every need you have & keep you in safety wherever you are & I pray for healing for injuries, emotions, & for creative miracles to overtake everyone affected by these crimes & I pray for safe homes to be given to those left without. I pray that God would raise up people from around the world to pour into each of you life sustaining gifts of finances, homes, families, unconditional love , acceptance & all that has everlasting value & I pray this urgent prayer for each of you in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ.

Sharon Schild
Hashem, In your almighty power and wisdom, please restore these wounded ones to health. Thank you. Amen

Shirley Ehler
May God watch over these 4 brave souls who risked their lives in defense of Israel.

Les Kugler
May the Holy One of Israel, bring healing to your body, mind, heart and soul. Lord, I ask that you heal and comfort your people. Speak tenderly to them in their affliction. Comfort them. Heal them. Bless them. Deliver them. Send Your Spirit. Deliver them from the enemies that surround. Restore to health and wholeness—each one who has been hurt. Help them. I pray this in Yeshua‘s name.

Sara Swinson
Father, in the mighty name of Yeshuah, I ask that you would restore these victims of terror to total health. We give You thanks for hearing their cry!!!

D thomas
Oh HaShem, We will never understand why such evil enters the hearts of men, we only know that when evil strikes, it is doing so against all that is Good, and True and Holy. We know, Father, that you are Good, and True, And Holy. We grieve for the families of those murdered. We increase our resolve to stand against evil by proclaiming that there is a G-d in Israel who loves His people and has declared over His Land that He will never abandon it, nor the children He has chosen to steward that Land. He honor those who know this to be true, and who put their lives on the line every day to see Your perfect promise fulfilled to the letter. Yonatan, Boaz, and Oren; three fathers who will live on in their children, will be mourned by us, along with their families. May You bring healing to them, and grace in this time of anger, confusion, grief and pain. May Your presence be manifest in ways that only they will know. Hold them in your healing arms, Father. Amein, v Amein.

carole Poysti
Bem-aventurado o homem que não anda segundo o conselho dos ímpios, nem se detém no caminho dos pecadores, nem se assenta na roda dos escarnecedores. Antes tem o seu prazer na lei do Senhor, e na sua lei medita de dia e de noite. Pois será como a árvore plantada junto a ribeiros de águas, a qual dá o seu fruto no seu tempo; as suas folhas não cairão, e tudo quanto fizer prosperará. Não são assim os ímpios; mas são como a moinha que o vento espalha. Por isso os ímpios não subsistirão no juízo, nem os pecadores na congregação dos justos. Porque o Senhor conhece o caminho dos justos; porém o caminho dos ímpios perecerá. Salmos 1:1-6

Jânio Quadros
Our Father, I pray that you will provide Comfort and freedom from sadness, anger, fear, and isolation for the families and friends of those that were killed and injured. I claim the Promise of God that Whoever touches you touches the "Apple of His Eye". God will not be mocked and will not allow His beloved to be touched without vindication. Anyone who has risen up against you will not be left without punishment. I am so sorry for what happened. I will continue to pray for the families and friends of the victims. God Bless You and God Bless Israel!

rodney stirewalt
May God bless you with speedy healing and meet your every need as you heal. God. Bless You.

Rebecca Barner
I pray over the 4 victims in Israel, pray for a healing, and prayers for Israel as a nation. Prayers for a healing, strength and peace for Israel. Amen and Amen!

Willa GrayHawk
May you be healed quickly, the trauma forgotten.

Paul Joseph
Loosing a family member is always very hard. Have lost many members of my family, husband, daughter and sisters. Offer your pain up to our Lord Jesus. I pray to Mary Mother of Jesus and tell her my feelings . The Lord will bless you in many ways. Will pray for you.

Mary Jenkins
We hope and pray that you recover quickly and fully. May the neshamot of those who were killed in this horrible attack go to Gan Eden quickly. Our hearts are with you

Howard Schwartz

Lord Jesus I pray for healing and peace for these poor innocent people that were attacked.

Olga Quirarte
May Hashem give you strength to heal from your pain and know that Am Yisroel shares your burden. May Hashem protect you and heal you and your family.

Zipporah Heller
Heavenly Father Oh sovereign Lord, our brothers and sisters in Israel I pray for the families that lost their fathers, brother, sons, and friends. I pray for peace beyond understanding. I pray for comfort that can help them through this difficult time. You love your children Lord, you know us by name, you know who is hurting and are always with us. In Jesus name, Amen!

Serina Pennington
Hashem, please bless the innocent terrorist victims with Refuah Shlaima. Please help them to miraculously recover without any psychological trauma. May they be blessed with a deep bitachon in Hakadosh Baruch Hu that protects them in the future.

Annette Mandis
Weall pray for your losses Gus and Sandy

Gus Eckhart
Please, please Hashem, help these soldiers be alright, with health, mazaltov, all good things. Their families are waiting for them to get better….I beg you heal them with your miracles…..please Hashem…only you can help them ….cure them…we love you Hashem..you r always there for us…help them recover please my beautiful G-d……thank you for all we have….

Rachel Mizrahi
Life is what I pray for - your lives. The lives of our people. The peace of mind that comes from peace and no more bloodshed. 🥲 My heart is pained. Please heal, please live full and long lives. Please G-d, hear our prayers.

Linda Sklar
Isaiah 62:6-7 We keep praying. May God comfort you and bless you.

Nardos Leuel
Please send comfort & love to the families that lost their loved ones, and to the families that are frozen, waiting for news about theirs.

Mona Sherman
Dear Heavenly Father we ask that your healing power will heal the bodies of these men who are suffering from these attacks. We ask that your Holy Spirit would comfort and bring hope and peace to these families who have been devastated by the loss of their loved ones. Father we know that you are the God who sees, who hears, and who helps. We ask that you would surround them love, hope c and healing! We ask this in Jesus name we pray, amen!

Andrea Bushnell
My dears brothers and sisters, and their wonderful children, May the God of love YHWH, spread His wings and cover you from every angle, and give you all comfort and His deep love Be comforted, Machias at the door, Halloo-Yah.

Victoria Lary
Mi shebeirakh avoteinu The one who blessed our ancestorsAv'raham, Yitz'chak v'Ya'akov Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,Mosheh, Aharon, David uSh'lomoh Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon,hu y'vareikh virapei et hacholeh may He bless and heal the sick one[Patient's name] ben [Mother's name] [Patient's name] son of [Mother's name]ba'avur sheh [donor's name] because [donor's name]yitein litz'dakah ba'avuro. pledged charity for his sake.Bis'khar zeh In this merithakadosh barukh hu the Holy One, blessed be He,yimalei rachamim alav may He be filled with mercy for himl'hachalimo ul'rapo'to to restore him to health and to cure himul'hachaziko ul'hachayoto and to strengthen him and to invigorate him.v'yish'lach lo m'heirah And may He send him promptlyr'fu'ah sh'leimah min hashamaiyim complete healing from the heavenslir'ma"ch eivarav v'shasa"h gidav to his 248 bodily parts and 365 veinsb'tokh sh'ar cholei Yis'ra'eil among the other sick people of Israelr'fu'at hanefesh ur'fu'at haguf healing of the soul and healing of the bodyv'no'mar amein, and let us say Amen Mi shebeirakh avoteinu The one who blessed our ancestorsAv'raham, Yitz'chak v'Ya'akov Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,Mosheh, Aharon, David uSh'lomoh Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon,hu y'vareikh virapei et hacholah may He bless and heal the sick one[Patient's name] baht [Mother's name] [Patient's name] daughter of [Mother's name]ba'avur sheh [donor's name] because [donor's name]yitein litz'dakah ba'avurah. pledged charity for her sake.Bis'khar zeh In this merithakadosh barukh hu the Holy One, blessed be He,yimalei rachamim aleha may He be filled with mercy for herl'hachalimahh ul'rapo'tahh to restore her to health and to cure herul'hachazikahh ul'hachayotahh and to strengthen her and to invigorate her.v'yish'lach lahh m'heirah And may He send her promptlyr'fu'ah sh'leimah min hashamaiyim complete healing from the heavensl'khol eivareha ul'khol gideha to all her bodily parts and and to all her veinsb'tokh sh'ar cholei Yis'ra'eil among the other sick people of Israelr'fu'at hanefesh ur'fu'at haguf healing of the soul and healing of the bodyv'no'mar amein, and let us say Amen

Heal them Lord and they shall be healed. Save them Lord and they shall be saved. For You are their praise.

vern phillips
Dear ones, those Moms and children and grandparents of those killed yesterday… my heart is breaking for you. I am praying the comfort only the LORD can give. Wordless, deep comfort to surround you. Bo Meshiach Bo.

Connie Ness
Abba Father , In Your Son’s Name Yeshua / Jesus, Remember Your Covenant & restoration healing these restoring them to life as Your Word in Romans saya If The Spirit of God that Raised Christ Jesus from the dead dwell in , it would quicken our Mortal Body . Raise them from their injuries I pray in Jesus Name & Thankyou Father that as we ask in faith nothing wavering , that we would have what we ask.

Marcella Bennett
Our Father & Our God, in the depth of the tragedy of the loss of these Dads , husbands, sons, to brutal murderers, terrorists, in fact, God give these precious children peace, solace, your love through the love of other’s loving arms comforting them. Make everything they need be at their disposal Father. Carry them as only you can do. It’s in your name I pray, Amen

Daphne Douglas
Heavenly Father.. Your word says that “No weapon formed against your people shall prosper” I pray for “Shalom” to be released upon all your people.. Amen.

Phillip King
Praying for light in this time of darkness. May our God, Allah give you light and peace and hope during these trials and surrounds you all with his angels.

Laura Franco
As Your Word says, please "Comfort Your people", let the whole world know they are Your people with whom You have made an everlasting covenant. Where would we be, if we did not believe to see Your goodness in the land of living. Please bless the work of the hand of medical workers and save the lives of the injures.

Neptune Rodriguez
Almighty G-D Be merciful and grant life and good health to these stricken souls whose lives are in Your Hands. Be with them and their families in their great hour of need. Help them and guide all those who take care of them and to those who guard and protect Israel. Amen

Barbara Schwartz
May Hashem send you healing, minimize your pain and grant you a complete and speedy recovery.

Faige Lobel
I pray for their healing life recovery in the name of Jesus!

Edward Bautista
The LORD YHWH keep you in His lovin care& protection, and may you recover all. Amen in HIS NAME, Yeshua Shalom, is my humble prayer: Psalm 67:1, 67:1, 67:1

Prophetess Lisa Harris
Father in the name of Jesus, we pray that you deliver your children from this traumatic experience. Heal their wounds and bind their broken hearts in the mighty name of Your precious Son Jesus the Yeshua. Please Lord render a righteous judgement as a just judge and restore your children. In your mercy forgive any sin or transgression and surround them with your mercy, love and compassion especially at this time. Lord please be their shield an buckler according to your word in Psalms 91, so that the terror that flies by day and night shall not come close to your people again We pray all this in and through the might name of Your precious Child Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior Amen.

Nsameji Ambe
May the Almighty God heal the wounded men of God. Grant them speedy recovery ijn.

Pere SAMUEL Isari
Praying for healing to body and total restoration. ❤️

Caroline Parry
Please Father in heaven, be with the victims and their families Bless everything that is being done to help the injured to fight, so they may live!

Coby van Toor
Heavenly Father I pray that you put your angels to protect the Jewish people of Israel. Lord we love your people and we know they are your chosen people and you have delivered them from their enemies many times. We pray for peace for your people. In the name of Jesus Amen

Thresia Conrad
Father in heaven I pray for the families who are impacted by this terrorist attacks, I pray for the children who are left without their father's, for the wives who have lost their husbands, God in all that's holy watch over these families, and Lord bring justice to these people who are now without. Provide for them and bring them comfort and peace, but understanding, that You will take care of them and be with them through this. Loving care father, amen.

Diana Garrod
Dear Father in , I pray for these Israeli men that were killed on Independence day in Elad . I also pray for those who were injured for recovery and also for all the wives and children of these men for healing. In Jesus Holy name , Amen !

Kevin Coughenour

EUGENE Lindsay
God bless protect you your family friends everyone there, heal save all there, give peace strength in Holy Spirit in Jesus amen Shalom

Nicholas Hughes
Heavenly father, have great mercy on your people and specially about this family who are in sorrow for their gone relatives. Please Lord, give them peace in their hearts and provide for all their needs according to your riches in glory in Christ. Bless them Lord, in Jesus name. Amén

Dilcia Crandall
Abba, I thank You for Your outstretched hand of mercy upon Your people. You are their Great Comforter, God & Father! You neither sleep nor slumber. I pray for their PEACE & COMFORT as You gather them to Your bosom. See to the needs of the widows and orphans! Dry their tears & let them feel Your love! I pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem & the nation of Israel! Avenge Your people Abba. Bring REST to the nation & Bless them with Your ever lasting Shalom. Amen

Karin Thomas-Bronner
Father, Give supernatural peace to the families of this terrible attack. You are our Healer who heals all. Give direct guidance to the teams. All in all Father, You know what each family needs. I ask in Jesus Name that help will come from the north, the south, the east and the west. Whatever the families and the teams need, You will provide. You are El Shaddai. Praise You forever!

Michele Wilby
I am praying for quick healing and recovery. May God be with the people of Israel. Bless you.

Kenneth Grady
May God Almighty expindite the Healing Process even this month of Healing both Physical and emotional

My heart goes out to you. May the Father in heaven stand by your side, as will I. Love from Holland. 🙏

Casper Cleeveld
I pray for the mothers and children who are bereft and for those who were seriously injured and fighting for their lives. I pray for complete physical healing for those who were injured and for the future of the families left without a bread winner and with emotional trauma. May they reach out to God for comfort, the God who understands all that they have been through and be able (as the psalmists did) to express all that is in their hearts. I pray that they may know their Jewish Messiah. Amen

Gillian Buck
Dear God of All Cimfort, Please strengthen and comfort these families who lost loved ones and those who are injured. Provide their every need. I pray that the attackers will be brought to h Justice. I pray that every person involved in this conflict will recognize Jesus as God’s Son—the Messiah who has come to rescue us all from our sin!

Nancy McLellan
May their martyrdom bring the Geula Shlaima to all of Am Yisrael

Yitzchak Ben-Shmuel
May the Lord protect Israel, comfort the close family members and friends of the those murdered, heal those wounded and receive with mercy the souls of the innocent who have been brutally murdered by Arab terrorists. We also mourn with those who mourn and we pray that God would intervene and stop these attacks in Israel. We pray for strength and courage during these difficult times in Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

George Anamolga
May the Eternal G-D of Israel gives you strength and heals your heart. Elohim bring comfort to those who are suffering, to those that are in need.Amen!

Karen Meza
I can’t begin to understand what you’re going through right now. But, know that my prayers are with you. You will get beyond this , eventually. Regards, Brian Jaycox.

Brian Jaycox
Dear God these men were injured protecting their country. Please hold them in your loving care and restore them back to health.

Julia Aronowitz
My Lord & my God may all of the world be silent & humble before You & the wicked consider their ways Peace my Lord peace Peace for Jerusalem & it's people Peace for the house of Israel Godspeed the day that Your kingdom will come In the name of Christ Jesus thy will be done Anen

Shawn Metcalf
I am praying for each of you that you may have a speedy recovery and renewed health.

Carol Mims
May hashem make them a full recover so they can join thier families

Abraham Levy
Praying for Israel. I love the Jewish people. I have visited Israel. A long time ago before so much trouble

Joy Adams
Dear Lord, please bring comfort and healing to those injured and strengthen those children who lost their fathers.

lorajean kristalafortune
Shalom. May their souls rest in peace and God almighty recognize them and give them highest place in Haven . Ameen

Tariq Habib
God, Our Heavenly Father, We thank thee on behalf of all thy children here on Earth who are trying their best to follow thy commandments and our covenants with thee. Once again, those who follow other Gods have attacked thy promised people and left so many children Fatherless. We ask thee to protect them, comfort their families and grant thy assurance to thy people that in the end, all will be well with them and blessings promises made to them will be manifested. .Hasten the day of their deliverance and grant them peace and comfort for their future. We ask these blessing of comfort in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, AMEN

Douglas and Shirley Garrett
Praying for you you all! I'm so sorry for what happened! God bless you all hugs and love 😇❤

Donna Hess
Que L'E.ternel bénisse , guérisse et protège tous les blessés du terrorisme en Israel. qu'il venge le sang de ceux qui sont morts Al kiddouche Hachem , simplement parce-qu'ils étaient juifs

wishing you a complete, and quick recovery! Our thoughts and prayers are with you

Monica Simpson
father lord thy god in heaven, look down on our children of Israel, I pray o mitey god , that you protect and give peace to to Israel and her poelpe, I pray that heal them our father in heaven, I pray for your compassion for them, amen

David icenhour

Sergio Maron
Our Father who art in heaven hallowed by thy name! Heal the broken hearted! Heal the wounded! Heal thy chosen people from this devastating terror attack! Heal Israel! In thy name Jesus we pray! Amen.

Charlie Tooktoo
Dear Lord you say if 2 or more people come to you in prayer you will grant them of that prayer so here are more than 2 ppl in we have prayer from all over the world for these ppl which you call your own please help ease the pain of those who have lost their love ones heal those that have been injured and stop those who bring evil to them in Israel in Jesus name we ask thee AMEN

Gloria Garcia
Abba Father! we cry out for justice! we know that You are watching and are keeping account the actions of our enemies. You are also watching over the victims of our Brothers and their families. We are asking healing for the Families and those who are still struggling and fighting for their lives! We Thank You for the support You are giving to those who are broken hearted by the loss of their loved ones. May You collect their tears that will wash away their pain on the coming Day of The Messiah! Blessed Is HE Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord💞 Know that we Stand with You and Pray for You, Israel, our Brothers and Sisters

Colleen Maas
You are all in my prayers. Evil lurks in the world today, the Good Lord must take care of you all. Justice must prevail.

Pauline Rouse
Praying for Israel’s protection I

Teresa Moore
Dear Father God, Praise your Holy Name. Our hearts seek your presence earnestly because of this horrible terrorist attack on your loved ones. The gruesome terrorists attack that occurred during the 74th Independence Day for Israel has broken our hearts because four of your loved ones have sustained life-threatening injuries and are in need of your healing touches.I ask Father that you direct the doctors nurses and anyone attending to their needs are given insights as to help heal each one and give them long life.. Psalm 118:17 says” I will live and not die so iI can tell the world of all the miracles and wonderful things the Lord has done. In the attack, three of your beloved ones were killed, and 16 beloved children are now fatherless. Father I ask for each child to live in your grace and mercy and to heal their hearts. Father the families of each need your comfort and love by wrapping them in your loving arms to remove the terror and pain each one is now experiencing and To carry them thru this time. Father, I ask to release your angels throughout the city of Elad for protection so terrorists have no entry to anyone living there or nearby and I ask what was meant for harm and evil by the terrorists to be turned around and made into blessings for each one of your loved ones. Because in deut.23:5 God turned the curse caused by the terrorists into a blessing because the Lord your God Loves you. Thank you Father in advance for all you are doing. All praise is yours for the healing, restoration, grace, mercy, and peace of mind and heart given to all. Amen

Y Gragg
My prayers for your complete recovery! Prayers and blessings go out to you and your family! May the Lord God watch over you!

Donna Wise
Dear Elohim, Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and Universe, I am just a grain with a voice so insignificant and yet I have so much faith that you hear my cry and your love for me , often undeserving is there. I pray for your first born, for your chosen people, for those who carry in their DNA the memory of you as a living Gd, always present and omniscient to remind them how kind, forgiving you are, how righteous and perfect. I pray for the protection of the Holy City, Holy people, chosen people and all humanity. I pray that violence, deception, cruelty and unrighteousness cease forever. I pray you protect the Jewish people from terror, wickedness, deception, that you provide us with safe shelter, homes, streets and communities in your righteous all seeing eye and may your mercy last forever and so your love.

Daniela Calota
My prayer is Psalm 103:1-14, especially verse 4 that says Who redeemer thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies.

Robert Ward
Praying for all those who have been hurt by this horrible crime!! May Jesus heal and help Love you all! Jan

Jan Troxler
our redeeming Almighty God please if it is your will help your chosen pull through and live life for you. Give them life to work for you and your purpose to show others you live and your son died for us all on the cross and rose again his name is Jesus in Jesus name Amen

Gary taft
Prayers for the victims of terror attacks in Israel. I pray for protection over the people.

Tracy Kocsis
All Mighty I Am God of my fathers father, Abraham Help them in their hour if need.

william nieslawski
With God’s help you will recover and return to your families. Amen

Yoni Santo
I pray complete healing in JESUS NAME for the victims. Pray the perpetrator gets justice! Praying for the victims parents! Praying GOD BLESS ISRAEL!

Mary Hensley
I pray that our God will restore and completely heal my brothers. Godbless

tricia slade
Gracious and Holy God strengthen and heal those affected by the terrorist. May your love surround them and also intervene in the hearts of those who perpetrated this evil and change their heart and life toward you.

Ken Huff
May Adonai give all you peace and comfort in these difficult hours! Like His Word says, he never abandoned the needy, the widows nor the orphans. Adonai will be with All of You!

Rafael Marrero
Prayers for a speedy and full recovery!

Tyler Scholl
Father I pray for the injured to heal quickly in body and soul. I pray this will not leave lasting mental distress. I pray the families can have peace and that neighbors will step forward to help in their time of need. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray.

Marsha Dolon
אני מתפלל לכל משפחה שנאלצה להתמודד עם האירוע הנורא הזה, הנחמה והקרבה של הקב"ה. ani metflal lekle mispache snaltza lahtemoddad am irouner hanora hazeh, hanekhma wakraba sal hakev"h.

Roland Jaap Van der Straaten
To our precious Israeli families, We beseech HASHEM to bring you- wives, children, family members and friends, and those terribly hurt by the attacks a Shalom that goes beyond human understanding. We pray that HASHEM gives you all koach. and comfort. Kol Yisrael deeply grieves for the loss of.your beloved family members. We will continue to stay in prayer for all of you, and for shalom refua to those injured I am so, so sorry for the terrible, terrible loss of your loved ones. We will continue to keep you all in prayer. With ahahah. - Bracha Glover

Barbara Glover
Praying for you and your family during this most difficult time. Praying that God will wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you. Praying He will strengthen you and uphold you. Know that you are loved!

Kim Fletcher
Lord these are children of Your chosen people and we pray that You will stretch out Your healing Hand and make them whole again, body, soul and spirit. In Jesus's mighty, precious Name we pray. AMEN!

Valerie Raitenbach

Our most gracious Heavenly Father Please look down upon your children in Israel and see thier struggles. Give them peace and comfort. Amen

Brenda Bridges
Please God help the victims from Elad attack to have a quick recovery. Thank you. Viorica

Viorica Feler
Praying in the name of Jesus his mighty hand of Israel and protection . Heavenly Father I know your eyes are open and you can see all things. I give praises to your holy name praises be to your holy name. I pray for peace throughout the world in every man’s soul . amen

Maryann Brunson
Heavenly Father, please provide your peace, love and healing (both physically, emotionally and spiritually) to these suffering victims of that horrible attack.

Reg Knapp
Hashem please heal the victims, their families, the glorious State of Israel now grieving — and heal the whole world. Make hate dissipate and people learn to love again.

Rochel Grosz
Father please have mercy on your chosen people.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Jan Albritton
Praying these mighty warriord will receive their healing. Holy Spirit hover over Israel protect your people and your land. In Jesus Name.AMEN

Judy Pryor

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