Master of 10000 Trees
Shalom. My name is Yedidya.  I’m an Israeli agriculturist and farmer from the Israeli town of Kochav HaShachar.  Rabbi Tuly Weisz asked me to lead the planting and maintenance team for the 10,000-tree forest for Israel365. I happily accepted the job. Let me share a bit about myself, the forest, and dedicating trees. I’m a 27-year-old born and bred Israeli, married with kids. My father is an oleh from the US who infused me with a passion for planting in the Land.  After high school, I studied agriculture and botany at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. There, I planted and cared for native Israeli species of trees, plants, and flowers. I also learned (and used) the best planting techniques in the world. I now live in Kochav HaShachar with my family, where I specialize in planting fields and orchards on soil-depleted land.  In Biblical times, this area was filled with forests and fields. And soon it will be again! We’re planting the 10,000-tree forest here using a high-density planting method. It involves a lot of soil, mulch, saplings, seeds, drip irrigation, weeding, and fencing.  With this method, the forest will grow quickly and be self-sustaining after only three years! A “normal” forest takes ten or more years. This planting method, called Miyawaki, is the quickest and smartest way to reforest Israel. It helps us restore the damage of 2,000 years of deforestation and erosion. When you dedicate trees in this forest, know that with God’s help, they’re in my capable hands. And if you visit me in Kochav HaShachar, I’ll happily show you the forest as it grows. Together, we’ll restore Israel’s hills and valleys to their natural state of beauty and fertility.  Dedicate trees to the 10,000-tree forest TODAY!  We’re only planting this winter, so DON’T WAIT!
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