Israel365 Supporting Forgotten Terror Victims in Israel
April 11, 2022

Terrorism is, unfortunately, a fact of life for millions of people in countries across the globe, but especially in the Land of Israel.

As recent terror attacks shock the country, we must remember that terror survivors need our constant support.

Long-term assistance makes a huge difference to survivors of terror attacks. They live with trauma, and often physical pain, their whole lives. 

Meet some of the terror victims that your donations assisted in March:

Shmuel was shot in his leg by a terrorist, went through many surgeries and rehab, and now walks with a painful limp. He hasn’t been able to go back to work yet and is hurting financially. He and his wife recently had their first baby, so we bought and delivered a new stroller and baby clothing to help them. Shmuel and his wife deeply appreciated these gifts.

Rachel and her daughter Eden. Eden’s chest, arms, hands, and thighs were very badly burnt in a terror attack. She is constantly undergoing surgeries. Rachel, her single mother, can’t afford the rent on their run-down apartment. We helped her pay her overdue rent this month. Rachel thanks our donors from the bottom of her heart.

Moriah was stabbed a few times while walking her small children to school one morning in Jerusalem a few months ago. Since the incident, her children started stuttering, having nightmares, and more. We helped her financially since she can only work part-time, and needs assistance. Moriah thanks our donors very much for their kindness, support, and generosity.

With more Israelis becoming victims of terror every day, please donate. Together, we can care for them for years to come.

Support Israel365’s life-changing work

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