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Israel365 Bring the Exiles Home Campaign

We are living in extraordinary times as we are witness to ancient prophecies fulfilled. The hand of God in the affairs of man is evident, especially as millions of Jews are ingathered from the four corners of the earth to return to the Holy Land.

While making “aliyah” (the Hebrew word for moving to Israel which means “to ascend to the God of Israel”) fulfills personal dreams and the realization of Biblical prophecies, it comes with hardships and challenges. Individuals and families experience emotional, physical and financial strains as they struggle to learn a new language, find a job, deal with the bureaucracies of a new country and grasp the nuances of a foreign culture.

Your help to make the aliyah process easier encourages more Jews to follow the words of the Bible and come home to the Land of Israel as it says in Isaiah (43:6) “‘Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth,’ declares the Lord”.

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I wanted to donate and would have done so through PayPal. Unfortunately, your site demanded my personal information, which I am not willing to give as I have been scammed before. Why can’t you acccept a donation through PayPal? They have all my information and wont give it to you without my permission.
I wish that I could have made a donation.

Shalom David, Israel365 does not ask for any personal information upon making a donation. It is possible that the request is coming from Paypal as you may not be properly logged in at the time of making your donation. However you may rest assured that this is not coming from Israel365.