Open an Israel365 Embassy

in Your Church!

Become Your Region’s Center for Standing With Israel

Israel is under attack. The time is now to take action and Stand With Israel.

The forces against Israel and the Jewish people are strengthening once again in our world. We, people with faith in God and His word as expressed in the Bible, know that the eyes of God are focused on Israel from the beginning of the year until the end of the year (Deut. 11:12). We know that God stands with Israel and wants us to stand with Israel too.

Opening an Israel365 Embassy in your church is the best way to make a deep and lasting impact on your region’s connection to and support of the State of Israel.

Being an Israel365 Embassy means:


Participating in and providing Israel educational activities for your region


Engaging in and being a center for Israel advocacy


Organizing and attending pro-Israel events in your area when necessary and relevant


Making connections with local pro-Israel Jewish community (if applicable)


Support an Israel365 charity cause
(For list of charities, click here)


Placing an Israeli flag outside of your church


Encouraging church members to sign the Israel365 Israel Covenant
(Read it here)


Hosting speakers from Israel once a year


Downloading the “Code Red” app and designate a “safe room” in the church to go into every time the app goes off to pray for the safety of Israel.


Supplement Bible study sessions with insights from The Israel Bible, focusing on the Bible’s connection to the Land and People of Israel


Encouraging and/or organizing a trip to Israel for church members


Becoming part of a nationwide network of churches who have opened up Israel embassies to share and to learn from one another

one easy step to open an Israel365 Embassy in your church:

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By opening an Israel365 Embassy in your church you will be taking a significant step forward with your support for Israel and be part of history in the making!

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