IDF Soldiers are HOT, so Israel365 went to COOL them down
July 29, 2021

Israel365 distributed “Cool Collars” to IDF soldiers in Hebron on the Fast of the 9th Av, one of the hottest days on record in 2021. “While we are all focused on the destruction of the Temple and trying to make it through the fast, the soldiers are patrolling the streets of the City of the Patriarchs, in full battle gear. Anything we can do to ease their hardship is truly a blessing” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz.

“We thank our donors who stand with Israel, today and every day. They are helping to make the soldiers more comfortable in their difficult job but it actually means much more than that. It means that Israel is not alone.”

The “Cool Collars” are the invention of an Israeli Start Up company that produces light-weight, wearable collars that can keep a person cool for up to two hours. What’s more, they can be easily recharged in a refrigerator, freezer, ice water and even when placed upon AC units to be recharged for as little as 20 minutes.

The “Cool Collar” works like an ice pack in that it absorbs the body’s heat in the most effective means possible – via heat transfer (versus fans or towels). The Cool Collar is infused with QuickSnow technology, engineered to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees and avoid the hazards of frostbite and discomfort associated with ice.

This makes it a perfect utility for IDF soldiers manning a checkpoint in the boiling heat. Studies show the hotter one gets the less they’re able to concentrate, focus or react quickly.

Watch this video of Rabbi Tuly Weisz distributing “Cool Collars” to IDF soldiers in Hebron


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