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Of Israel

With a simple monthly donation, you will enable six of the most incredible Guardians of Israel to do their holy work – which will make you a Guardian too.

They’re the backbone of Israel.

In Israel, there are exceptional individuals who spend every waking moment caring for the Land, People, and God of Israel.

We call them Guardians.

In Biblical tradition, those who enable others to do a good deed are credited with doing the good deed themselves.

Therefore, by supporting the Guardians of Israel,

Israel Lovers,

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Donating to the Guardians of Israel is the most impactful way to bless the Jewish people in Israel. You’ll support six important causes with a single monthly donation!

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The Guardians of Israel also gives you transparency. We’ll tell you how your hard-earned dollars were spent each month and how many people you blessed.

Meet the Guardians of Israel

Your monthly donation will be used to

Help IDF Soldiers

with Yehudis Shamroth
Yehudis, known as the “Mother of the Soldiers”
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Stand with the Guardians of Israel today – bless Israel every month

Every month, you will protect IDF soldiers, care for the elderly and Holocaust Survivors, build the land, heal terror victims, support the needy, and so much more.

You’ll be among the highly blessed of the world, helping the Land, People, and God of Israel.

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