Israel365 Goes Global

Israel365’s mission is to strengthen Israel and its unique status as the world’s spiritual and moral leader by promoting Israel’s biblical significance and building bridges with those who share our faith-based values.

Our mission is founded upon these core beliefs:

  • Light unto the Nations – We have an obligation to share the wisdom and meaning of Torah with all Jews and non-Jews seeking God’s truth.
  • Building Relationships – We believe in building authentic and meaningful relationships with our friends who support Israel.
  • Mutual Responsibility – We believe Jews and those who share our faith based values must stand strongly and proudly in support of Israel and in support of one another.
  • Speaking Truth – We are unafraid to speak the truth about Israel and our faith based values, regardless of cultural pressures or popular ideologies

Secularists who are hostile to religion are targeting our communities with an anti-God agenda. Traditional Christians and Jews, united in their love for Israel and the Bible, must join together to fight back and strengthen each other in communities across the world.

In the years ahead, we will create local communal centers throughout the world that will:

  • Bring Jews and Christians together through meaningful events to form authentic relationships and long-lasting friendships.
  • Bring leaders from both communities together in study to strengthen one another and work together to inspire communities of faith.
  • Unite churches and synagogues to advocate on behalf of Israel,
  • Attract unaffiliated Jews and Christians to the pro-Israel movement through fun and exciting programs.
  • Subsidize trips to Israel for local teens and their families to provide an unparalleled and inspirational experience that will infuse them with an appreciation and love for the Holy Land.

The world needs God, the Bible and Israel more than ever. Beginning in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we will build a revolutionary movement of God-fearing Jews and Christians who will work together to bring the final redemption.
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