Giving a Holocaust Survivor the home she deserves
November 1, 2021

Ilana is a Holocaust Survivor living in Israel with barely any family. She only has one daughter who does her best to look after Ilana to the best of her abilities. But there’s only so much she can really do. As a survivor of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, Ilana endured horrendous torture leaving half of her face paralyzed.

When we heard about Ilana and that her home was in dire unlivable condition, we knew we had to do something.

Ilana’s roof leaked for years, and her walls were severely broken and moldy. The walls were covered in peeling paint, and large pieces of plaster had fallen away, leaving gaping holes. Floor tiles were broken or missing, putting Ilana at serious risk for falls. And her electricity was faulty and constantly shorting, and she often lost access to light or hot water.

Our team was determined to help Ilana. With support from people just like you, we worked with Ilana to assess the damage and create a plan. First, we sealed all of the leaks in her roof and cleaned out the mold. We then arranged for an electrician specializing in restorations to fix Ilana’s electrical system, ensuring that she had reliable access to electricity, light, and hot water.

We then built up the broken plaster, repaired cracks in the walls, and replaced broken tiles. We gave Ilana’s home a clean, fresh coat of paint. Finally, we installed grab bars in Ilana’s shower and bathroom to make them safe for her.

Ilana was so happy to have her home restored! We are so grateful for the opportunity to help Ilana feel safe, comfortable, and secure. We are happy to restore Ilana’s sense of humanity – an important quality for a Holocaust survivor.

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