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Nations’ 9th of Av


Option 1 ~ 9th of Av Event only – August 10&11

Registration fee (required):  $39/person.

This option is for locals who wish to attend the 9th of Av prayer event only. Includes 24-hour access to the Hotel ballroom, entrance to the Davidson Archaeological Park near the Western Wall, round trip bus transportation between the hotel and the park, and the customary Tea and Cake celebration that concludes the Fast.   (August 10-11)

Saturday Aug 10: Check-in for Event begins at Sundown.

All night Christian-led vigil begins after evening program ends. For those interested to pray late at night, early in the morning, continual prayers will go up all night. We will assign leaders for each of the one-hour blocks.

Sunday Aug 11, Morning: We will continue repentance at the Davidson Archaeological Park just South of the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

Sunday Aug 11, Afternoon:  After returning to the hotel, we will break for at least three hours of personal prayer time and rest.

Sunday Aug 11, Evening: After prayers are concluded together at the hotel, we celebrate the breaking of the fast together in the customary manner with tea and cake. Dinner is on your own.

Option 2 ~ Add Jews and Christians Gala Celebration Dinner in Jerusalem on Monday night ~ $69.00

Total cost to add Option 2: $69.00
Each item  MUST BE selected individually.

This Option adds:

Gala Celebration Dinner in Jerusalem

Join Christians and Jews for a night of celebration of what God is doing in bringing Christians to Jerusalem.  Full course Dinner.  Exciting Speakers.  Entertainment.

Option 3 ~ Add Three Touring Days – Tue/Wed/Thur including Celebration Dinner in Samaria on Thursday night ~ $290.00

Total Cost to add Option 3 :  $290.00
Each item MUST BE selected individually.

This Option Adds:

+ Walking Tour of Jerusalem (Monday)

+ Plus Touring and meeting Jews in Judea (Tuesday) + Evening session at Hotel

+ Plus Touring and meeting Jews in Benjamin (Wednesday) + Evening session at Hotel

+ Plus Touring and meeting Jews in Ephraim (Thursday)

+ Plus special Thursday Night Dinner and Celebration of Tu B’Av with Ha Yovel on Mount Gerizim, the Mount of Blessing.   Tu B’av is the unofficial celebration of the grape harvest, the day in which more Jews get married than any other day, and it is also known as the joyful day on the Jewish Calendar.

+ Plus the closing session on Friday morning August 16

OPTION 4 ~ Add 7 Nights stay with Israeli breakfasts and Friday Shabbat Dinner at Dan Panorama Hotel ~ $950.00

Total cost to add Option 4: $950.00
Each item MUST BE selected individually. 

Check in is on Friday August 9. Check out is on Friday August 16th.

This Option Adds:

+ Plus Lodging for 7 nights and Israeli Breakfast included all mornings

+ You stay at the Hotel for Shabbat to rest up, enjoy the Shabbat on Friday night August 9 and Saturday August 10 and prepare for the 9th of Av fast.

+ Plus Shabbat Dinner on Friday night August 9

For a single room supplement, please add $900

OPTION 5 ~ Adds Dinner Supplement at Hotel (Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday) ~ $100.00

Total cost to add Option 5: $100.00
Each item MUST BE selected individually.

This option adds dinners on the nights that are otherwise designated as “Dinner on your Own”.  While it is possible to purchase individual evening meals at the Hotel, this option offers those meals at a discount and means that those who stay at the Dan Panorama have convenient access to meals each night.

If this option is not chosen, it will not be possible to order a Sunday evening meal at the Hotel. This is the meal that breaks the 9th of Av fast and follows the Sabbath; therefore this meal MUST be pre-ordered.

Notes on Other Options

Our agreement with Lipkin Tours does not allow us to offer per day rates on the touring days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). However because of this, we have been able to keep prices to a minimum.
See our Lodging Options page for more information about Hotel locations and a low cost alternative.
Additional days or other specific requests or questions can be addressed through our booking agent by clicking on the button below:
Additional notes may be found after clicking the REGISTER button.


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