Invest in the Future of Israel

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 Israel365 is building the future of the Holy Land. Support us in your estate so that the next generation will be able to see the final redemption in their days

Why should YOU remember Israel365 in your will?

“I will be at hand for you—declares Hashem—and I will restore your fortunes. And I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places to which I have banished you—declares Hashem—and I will bring you back to the place from which I have exiled you.” -Jeremiah 29:14

Build your legacy!

This is your chance to give deeper meaning to your life by ensuring the continuity of the State of Israel! Our future will celebrate your legacy in the Holy Land for years to come because you planted a piece of your life in Israel.

Fulfill Biblical Prophecy!

Jeremiah prophesized that the Children of Israel would return to their homeland and rebuild it even higher than in its loftiest heights centuries ago. This is your opportunity to fulfill biblical prophecy so that future generations may see the messiah arrive in their days!

Make an impact that will last forever!

The seeds you sew now will be reaped by millions in the generations to come! This is your God-given opportunity to truly make a difference in this world: to start a domino effect that will continue long after we leave it.

How You Can Plan Israel’s Future

Planning Your Estate

Talk to your attorney about planning your will as soon as possible. No one wants to think about their death, but it is important to remember that it is not the end in more ways than one!

Do Not Wait!

Mention Israel365 In Your Will

When planning your estate, be sure to include Israel365 among the benefactors of your will. By including us in your estate, you are ensuring the future of the State of Israel. What is more, your contribution will allow us to continue to fulfil biblical prophecy; it will surely continue to impact the world long after you are gone.


Recent Benefactors of Israel365

“I am giving a portion of my estate to Israel365 so that they can continue the incredible work that they are doing to reshape the world. All that they are doing for Israel is just so incredible… I know that my legacy will be honored.”

Marlene H.

Ontario, Canada

“I am including Israel365 in my will because they are doing the Lord’s work.., I supported them in life and I am proud to support them even after I am gone.”

Jeffery S.

Texas, United States

“The State of Israel is the apple of His eye. How can I not give of my life’s work to this miracle?”

Christina K.


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