Cool Collars Distributed to IDF Soldiers Near Gaza
August 15, 2022


Last Thursday, Rabbi Tuly Weisz and Israel365’s staff visited an IDF base 30 meters from the Gaza border to deliver Cool Collars that Israel365’s donors provided!


“The number of soldiers at the base had been doubled due to the security situation, so conditions were especially difficult,” Yisrael Glass from Israel365 said. “The short war had just ended, and they were literally on the front line. These are our sons and daughters, and we must help protect Israel.”

Last year, Israel365 distributed 200 Cool Collars to soldiers in Hebron and other places in Judea and Samaria. The Cool Collars were so popular that we’re in the process of giving away 300 this summer.


The Cool Collar was invented by an Israeli start-up company based in Beit Shemesh. The neck-worn collar is made of QuickSnow, a substance engineered to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees. It can be cooled down in 20 minutes and holds a 64-degree temperature for 2 hours! 

It’s designed to cool the neck’s arteries, veins, and nerves, which cool the whole body. This is perfect for soldiers in the field. It gives them physical relief from the blazing sun and lessens the danger of heat exhaustion. 

The cooling effect is not just for comfort. It enhances soldiers’ physical stamina, alertness, and cognitive skills in the burning outdoor heat. That’s a real blessing for our terrorist-fighting warriors. And that’s why they love the Cool Collar so much.

Thanks again to everyone who donated Cool Collars to our IDF soldiers. We will continue to distribute them in August and September, which are often the hottest months of the year.

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