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Asher Bara by Shlomo Carlebach

Sing along to “Asher Bara” by Shlomo Carlebach, a song which reflects the joy and happiness of a bride and groom celebrating their marriage in Jerusalem. You'll learn in Hebrew the many words for “joy”, taken from a traditional blessing recited at a Jewish wedding.

Ammunition Hill

The battle at Ammunition Hill was quite treacherous. Trenches connecting to Police Headquarters laid the grounds for a ruthless battle with many casualties. Though Israel was victorious, this battle saw the loss of many IDF soldiers. Today, Ammunition Hill is the main site for IDF…

The Rabbi and the Soldiers

A very special Rabbi in Israel took care of 700 Israeli Paratroopers during the 2nd Lebanon War, giving spiritual strength and blessings, together with BBQ's and fun, to the brave soldiers. See the miracles these soldiers experience after this encounter!

Zedekiah’s Cave

Zedekiah's caves provide archological evidence to quarries used in the building of both temples in Jerusalem. Take a tour of this fasicnating site, and learn about some of the legends passed on through the generations.