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Product Review

Product Review: Pictures of the Nation of Israel

Glorious photography enables people to take an instant of experience in the Holy Land home with them. The moving juxtaposition of soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with the Western Wall is a reminder of how much mankind exerts to establish peace on earth,…

Review: Jewelry and Books with Meaning

Anyone with an affinity towards jewelry would say that they have pieces which carry sentimental value-perhaps a grandmother’s ring or a necklace received for an anniversary. However, Israeli jewelry designer, Sarah Feld has taken meaningful jewelry to a whole new level. Sarah is the brain…

Feeling the 7 Species of the Holy Land On Your Skin

Nothing could connect you more to Israel than the fruit of the land itself. The seven species, called “shivat haminim” in Hebrew, are listed in the Bible as the seven agricultural products which bless the land of Israel. In Deuteronomy, Israel is described as “a…
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