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79% of Palestinians Have a Negative View of USA

A recent Pew poll shows that Palestinians and Israelis have vastly different perspectives on the US, their respective relationships with that country, and the potential success of the peace process. 79% of Palestinians have a negative view of the US, as opposed to only 16% of Israelis.

Excavation Uncovers Ancient Jerusalem Quarry

Where does one obtain the multi-ton rocks required to build a city in ancient times? Archaeologists believe they have an answer, at least as far as the holy city of Jerusalem is concerned. In preparation for highway construction in the area, an ancient quarry has…

Temple Seal Inscribed “Pure for God” Unearthed

While Jerusalem today is a bustling, modern capital city, archaeologists are discovering artifacts that reflect millennia of Jewish life there and have recently unearthed several important finds. Rabbi Barnea Selevan, Old City expert, tells of several small stone buildings, possibly from First Temple times, uncovered…