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Hebrew Music Mondays

Video: Hebrew Music Monday

In the spirit of the Three Weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, this week’s video is solemn yet moving. Listen to Neshama Carlebach’s heartfelt rendition of Isaiah 40.

Hebrew Music Monday: “The Humble”

Listen to the beautiful words of Psalm 69: "The humble have seen it and will be glad; you who seek God let your heart revive." In a reverent rendition by musician Chaim David. you'll connect to Psalms in the holy language of Hebrew.

Hebrew Music Monday: “Arise!”

Passover is one of the three pilgrimage festivals when Jews from all over the Land of Israel would ascend to Jerusalem. Close your eyes and imagine it is thousands of years ago, you are on the way to the Temple... Now listen to today’s Hebrew…
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