build bomb shelters for the people of Israel

4,050+ rockets rained down on Israel just a few weeks ago. Help us to build more bomb shelters to protect our homeland!

My dear friends,

At precisely 6:03 PM today, Jerusalem Day, the missile warning sirens started blaring, catching my family by complete surprise. I was at the Israel365 offices and ran into the building stairwell with my colleagues, but where were my children?!

I immediately called my wife Abby to ask where she was, and where were our 6 kids? Abby told me that she had 3 of our kids with her in our home’s bomb shelter, along with our dog and neighbor’s family who didn’t have their own shelter. “But Abby, where are our other 3?!”

Our daughter Bella, 14, was in the park with our other daughter Tzofia, 8, and some of their friends. My mind immediately raced to try and remember whether there were any safe structures near the park. Unlike in Sderot or other Israeli communities along the Gaza Strip, our town of Beit Shemesh is 35 miles, 57 kilometers, from the Gaza border and we don’t ordinarily have bomb shelters in every park!

Thank God, Bella had the quick wit to rush the children to safety, however, what if hadn’t been so fortunate and the Iron Dome system didn’t work, heaven forbid? Israel needs more bomb shelters, they just lack the funds. 

Today was Jerusalem Day, and rather than celebrate the miraculous unification that God brought about in the 1967 Six Day War, the city was a war zone. Hundreds were injured and the Temple Mount was ablaze.  Rabbis are claiming that the Messiah is imminent – and I am not exaggerating.

First priority is to pray. Pray Psalm 122. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

But if you can do more, show God your faithful solidarity with the People of Israel. Stand today with the Jewish People and provide bomb shelters for Israel so that we can courageously defend our land from attack by our enemies. 




Rabbi Tuly Weisz

Bombs scaring children

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