Biblical Zionist Coalition: Statement of Principles

As the State of Israel marks its 75th anniversary, we affirm our commitment to the following principles of Biblical Zionism:

  1. We believe that Jews and Christians share a unique bond based on our shared belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Hebrew Bible and traditional Biblical values.
  2. We believe that God has granted the entire Land of Israel to the Jewish people as an eternal right and inheritance.
  3. We believe that Israel must continue to be governed as a democracy which safeguards the God given rights of all of its citizens.
  4. We believe that we must work together with others who share our values to fulfill the biblical mandates for the nations to bless Israel and for Israel to be a light unto the nations.
  5. We believe that Israel has a responsibility to protect and preserve universal access to holy sites throughout Israel and to restore Jerusalem as a house of prayer for all.
  6. We believe that all who believe in God and the Bible must reject and actively work to defeat all forms of antisemitism, anti-zionism, radical jihad and replacement theology, in Israel and around the world.
  7. We believe that Christians and Jews must practice mutual love and respect for one another and for both the Jewish and Christian faiths. We reject any Christian attempts to proselytize Jews and any attempts by the State of Israel to undermine the status of Christians in Israel.

We Biblical Zionists commit to strengthening Israel by working towards reconciliation between traditional Jews and committed Christians and by actively defending the State of Israel against all those who wish it harm. 


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